Fic & Drabbles Masterlist (Merlin, Teen Wolf, GO, etc.)

Feb. 22nd, 2014 | 12:14 am

My Harry Potter stuff is here.

Note: Please don't steal Arthur's crown & Merlin's hat. Google your own hats ;-)

I've uploaded some (not all) of my Merlin stuff on AO3.

As of February 22, 2014, my current Merlin favorites are:
:♥: "Mutants: Second Generation," gen, Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, PG-13, BBC Merlin/X-Men: First Class fusion.
:♥: "Unlucky (Five, Six, Seven Eight Nine Ten I Love You)," Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Leon, R, remix.
:♥: The Cupbearer drabble series, Merlin/Arthur half-brother AU, PG-13 for incest. [info - personal] cupbearer
:♥: "Cupid Undone," Merlin/Arthur sibling AU, PG-13 for incest.

Single-chapter WIPs won't be listed here.

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Merlin drabbles )

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Merlin poetry )

Teen Wolf drabbles & one-shot )

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Star Trek: XI drabbles )

Hetalia drabbles )

Miscellaneous drabbles )

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This is my first time being the cranky fandomer

May. 22nd, 2012 | 09:10 pm

In the past I usually make an LJ post/inform the cranky fandomer with a vested interest, and watch the bitchiness unfold beautifully. Mirabella is the best.

Once a year or so, someone will get the "brilliant" idea to archive/repost other people's fics without permission. This is the first time I have to actively do something about it, beyond informing the author whose fics are being copy-pasted.

14~ hours ago, "Nicole" c & p'd azryal00's Tumblr fic to AO3. Eight hours and a dozen-ish polite* comments (asking the story to be removed) later, she wrote:
Hey, guys. My bad; picked this up off a friend's blog and neither of us knew who wrote it, so I posted it. Now, that I know who wrote it, I can hit up their blog. No harm meant. Thanks!

The story will be down in a little while. Take care.

Six hours later, the story is STILL UP. So I filed an Abuse report to the AO3 staff.

Plagiarism is a violation of the AO3's ToS, is that cool or what?
Plagiarism is the use of someone else's words or concepts without properly attributing those words or concepts to their original source. [...]

Plagiarism is a violation of the ToS and will incur the penalties described in the abuse policy. As with all content that violates the ToS, plagiarized content must be removed. Depending on the type and amount of plagiarized content, this might entail removing an entire piece of content, removing only the plagiarized portions from a longer work while leaving the original material, or adding citations.

If you believe a fanwork posted on the Archive plagiarizes another work, please report the work to the abuse team.

I highly doubt I'm gonna make anyone cry (like last time, albeit indirectly), since I suspect this "Nicole" is not a newbie but is instead a troll.

* X-M:FC fandom, why so nice? Srsly you need to be a little MEAN sometime. This is how I feel about Merlin fandom too sometimes, tbh. Except for the shipping wars.

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01 • 02 • Last year I was into Hetalia

Apr. 27th, 2012 | 02:23 pm

When I crossed the border to Canada last summer, I was happy because Matthew Williams (Canada's personification) is one of my favorite characters.

Even for an animanga fandom, Hetalia fandom is scary. I do love the canon though, and all the possibilities it offers.

My favorites: Arthur Kirkland (British people being tsundere), Wang Yao (fictionalized loving Sino-Japanese relations, but I love his older brother personality, long hair and beautiful legs) and Feliks Łukasiewicz (Shy of strangers and deceptively strong. Go read [personal profile] daegaer's fics).

They're fun exactly _because_ they're "stereotypes" (Ditto Glee S1.1). This is probably only understood by animanga fans.

01/50 fandom moment ✿ 02/100 moments in 100 words exactly

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I am now unable to post comments on MY OWN LJ because I have a Basic account.

Dec. 22nd, 2011 | 02:57 pm


I don't like customized comment pages but that's the only way I can actually post comments (either replying to a comment or posting a new comment to an entry).

LJs without customized comment pages --> LJs that I can't post comments on:

- My own personal LJ (!!!) and the multitude of LJ comm.s I own/mod

- Several people on my f-list

- At least two BNFs (sarahtales and copperbadge)

- A gazillion kink meme/ fic comm.s

=( =( =(

The multitude of bugs, which do not apply to me because I CANNOT EVEN POST COMMENTS in most LJs.

Also, no subject line = Bye-bye, trigger warnings. *slapsface* Why does LJ always do this around the holidays?

[ DW | IJ]

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Secrets Under Your Skin, CamelotRemix, Not My Fandom Fest

Oct. 15th, 2010 | 02:03 pm

Secrets Under Your Skin (Merlin AU, implied Merlin/Arthur preslash, PG)
Fifth in the [personal profile] cupbearer drabble series (AU where Merlin is Arthur's half-brother), but can stand alone on its own.

This is a "Thank you remixer for the [personal profile] camelotremix story!" drabble =)
My remixer wrote the following lovely fic from Arthur's pov:
The Cupbearer (Brother's Keeper Remix) [Arthur/Merlin, Teen, Sibling Incest, 3,338 words]
Arthur meets his half-brother Merlin when he is six. Arthur is not all that impressed, but soon changes his mind. Canon AU.

CamelotRemix Fic Masterlist @ DW
Just click on the little triangles to the left of the cuts to expand. 'slike magic!

Please comment on the stories that you enjoyed! (And the original stories too if you like.) You don't need an AO3 account to comment, just an e-mail address which won't be displayed.

Seen at [ profile] melusinahp:

Not My Fandom Fest running until Monday, October 18 [ Alphabetical List of Fandoms ]
Write a ficlet for a fandom you're not a part of based solely on what you've learned from your friends list and fandom at large.

Am gonna see what drabbles I can come up with this weekend =D You can nominate fandoms too!

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Things That Made [personal profile] lilian_cho (Almost) Cry: An Eclectic Rec list

Oct. 9th, 2010 | 10:53 pm

1. Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane
His beauty...oh gods, it was so unfair. The children were singing in the streets about a beast, but he was beautiful enough to eclipse the sun. How could a creature who walked like a man and spoke like a man and had the head and fur-covered body of a beast achieve beauty, whereas I, who was supposedly a man, could only wallow in my own beastliness? I glared at my mud spot again and tried not to let my throat grow thick with a boy's aching disappointment.

My short review and links )

1 a. Sorta related: K.A. Mitchell's Life, Over Easy Read more... )

2. Other novel and novella that I like by Amy Lane:
2 a. Keeping Promise Rock. Bad things keep on happening, interspersed with uplifting moments. I loved every second of the emotional torture journey.
2 b. If I Must, 66 pages. Sweet =)

3. Counterpoint: Dylan's Story by Ruth Sims
3 a. I immediately followed that up with The Phoenix.

Don't read two Ruth Sims in a row. I should've taken a few days' breather in between. (Fanfic angst is more bearable than origific angst, because I can immediately self-medicate with happy happy fluff funny fanfic.)

Counterpoint is more w00bie, The Phoenix is more hurt/comfort, but light on the comfort part.
Those who want warnings, ask me in the comments.

4. Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle.
I kept on biting my tongue so I didn't cry when reading this children's book (I was in the middle of a bookstore.) Nubs ;_;

5. Gwen-centric Merlin/Arthur/Gwen fanvid:
Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain

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With a soft gasp from Aaron, the soundtrack in Joey's head started again.

Sep. 18th, 2010 | 09:13 pm

( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

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"I mean," Jamie said, and swallowed, "how interesting and not at all creepy! Please go on!"

Sep. 13th, 2010 | 03:15 pm

1. Author taglines, inspired by [ profile] erastes' contest:
- William Shakespeare: most acclaimed and prolific fanfic writer.
- C.S. Lewis: should have steered clear from sci-fi.
- Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken, UR Not Getting It.
- Billy Collins: Poetry can make you laugh too.
- Hans Christian Andersen: Must have had an angsty childhood.
- Oscar Wilde: should stick with witty plays.
- Jane Austen: sekkritly hates the masses.
- Georgette Heyer: UR stealing mah Regency words. Dat's okay. Half of 'em are made up.

1 a. Add your own taglines over at my [community profile] sounis entry, or here =)

1 b. My fav. Megan Whalen Turner tagline is by [ profile] lylassandra: MWT: Her characters will steal your heart, and anything else you have on.

2. Seen at [ profile] darkestnight12: Supernatural: The Animation trailer
The artwork is like Cowboy Bebop and Witch Hunter Robin. Sam has Spike hair except he's hotter \o/
I've only watched 4.2 eps of SPN, but I think I'll like this anime because I did enjoy the animation for Batman.

2 a. Soo...there's an SPN character named Crowley?

3. "Misused or Abused Words and Phrases" by Arnell Engstrom
☆ ★ “begs the question” =/= ‘raises’ or ‘implies’ the question.
“begs the question” = to assume as fact what is in dispute.

★ ☆ “sour grapes” is based on the Aesop's fable of the fox & the grapes
“sour grapes” =/= whiner/complainer

☆ ★ “aftermath” = a second happening, usually a disaster, following and caused by the first event.

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"My, my. What kind of books have you been reading, and does your mother know?"

Aug. 24th, 2010 | 03:30 pm

1. I'm writing a You've Got Mail pastiche for [ profile] merlin_flashfic's conquest challenge and [ profile] au_bingo's Other: Mundane square.
Anyone up to bouncing ideas around with me? It's ~500 words so far.

Problem is, I don't like the movie that much (even though I loved Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at the time). Erm. Well it obv. doesn't have to follow the movie plot. I'm probably too lazy to write any longer than 1K (or 2K max), at any rate.

2. Stolen from [ profile] benebu's wondrous brain, as always:
This week @ [community profile] writing_game - Don't bother denying it: the snake is ill-intentioned; babble and prattle, and describe the situation as 'colorful'; allow the community to benefit from your valuable piece of advice; or for a novel way to infuriate him, pawn your tutor's watch. 6 points each.
Come and play, original and fanfiction, drabbles and snippets are all welcome!

"For a novel way to infuriate him, pawn your tutor's watch." <-- This is just begging to be slashed.

3. So far I've written original and HP drabbles ("Princess Lesson," Harry, Lily Luna, G) for the drabble tree. Would write more but am pretending that it's not my personal writing ground.

Come and drabble! We also have Merlin and Inception so far.
Sherlock writers, where are youuuu~

[ LJ | IJ | DW ]

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Ye Olde Merlin Recs

Aug. 23rd, 2010 | 12:31 am

X-posting because I'm f-locking the LJ post. Originally posted on April 17, 2009.

Merlin fanvids:
1 a. Merlin - The Dance (LJ post) by [ profile] mamoru22
Merlin/Arthur vid to Maria Mena - I'm In Love

1 b. Untouched by [ profile] solanyxe
PG-13, 'Untouched' by The Veronicas, 00:02:55
Summary: Arthur and Merlin both feeling 'untouched'

Motivational posters by [ profile] andropovka:
2 a. Ventriloquism: "Ooh yes, Arthur you're so strong!"/ "Mmm, Merlin, I need you now!"
2 b. Sweet: Son, men do not give each other flowers.
2 c. Kingship: We built this city on rock and roll. And dead magic people.
2 d. Unwise: When dealing with an aerial foe, get into a target-shaped-formation
2 e. Arthur fanboy: the lights are on but there is no one home. Mmm muscles...

3. [ profile] otempora42's Ep. 1x05 picspam: I love how everyone just stands around while Arthur does all the fighting. Makes you wonder why it's so important to be of noble birth when you're just going to be Arthur's cheerleader.

[personal profile] seperis' listfics:
4 a. Three things that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually.
4 b. Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill
4 c. Five ways Arthur almost found out about Merlin, but didn't.

5. Awesome personification of emotion as laid out in 1 Corinthians 13:
Of Anger and Love by Ras Elased
Summary: Anger is a false thing. It is never alone. Anger lies like a harlot with a multitude of other emotions, shrouding them in her bed linens to hide them from sight...Love, when it is true, is always alone.

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Sign-up @ camelotremix closes tonight

Aug. 21st, 2010 | 05:26 pm

camelot remix sign-ups are open until August 21

You only need five 500-word Merlin ficlets or five 500-word Merlin RPFs to qualify. FYI: Crossovers don't qualify for the minimum five.
[ profile] camelotremix [ FAQ | sign-up ]

[personal profile] camelotremix [ FAQ | sign-up ]

I should've pimped this earlier, but I was in a bookstore, biting my tongue so I didn't cry while I read a picture book about Nubs, a desert dog in Iraq.

Anyone knows other drabble comm.s I can pimp this at? I'll pimp it at [ profile] slytherin100 and [ profile] hpgen100, obviously.

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If only getting what Joey wanted was as easy as hitting D-4.

Aug. 4th, 2010 | 08:02 pm

The annoying voice in his head which had lately been sounding a lot like Noah reminded him that he'd have to actually make a selection first.

1. Anyone up to beta-ing my Merlin ficlets? I need a quick lookover & suggestions for expansion/clarification for 500-word Vivian/Leon AND/OR 715-word of Merlin/magic book. Esp. the second one because I think my humor fails T_T

2. I was planning to leisurely rewrite/expand/condense my entries after [ profile] summerpornathon ends, but [personal profile] camelotremix happens. Read the FAQ here.

[ LJ | IJ | DW ]

3. Inception didn't feel like a sci-fi movie at all. However, if one goes by my arbitrary definition (fantasy = good vs. evil, sci-fi = underdog vs. big, bad corporation/govt./force), then yes, it's a sci-fi.
LOVED it. Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character as much as I expected to (LOLarious sleeping face = <333). Didn't like the Juno actress*' character as much as I hoped I would. Oh, Leo. Oh, oh, Leo.

* She's much more awesome in Hard Candy. Juno is just meh, really.

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"He only shot one person," Nick remarked. "But the night is young."

Jul. 18th, 2010 | 02:29 pm

1. Please fill out this multi-fandom/original drabble tree poll.
The drabble tree will be hosted at [ profile] mukashi2, so the drabbles have to be based (however loosely) on a fairy tale, folklore, fable, myth or legend.
Read: Merlin drabbles in and of themselves are not enough, you have to include an additional fairy tale/folklore/etc.

2. Voting for Challenge 3 is now open @ [ profile] summerpornathon.

3. On Friday I repeatedly logged in & posted to dozens of empty/currently inactive journals, just in case it'll get purged in August @_@ I was too late for one account, haha.
...and I suspect I'm forgetting some accounts.
More info @ [personal profile] copperbadge here.

4. Didn't realize that LJ gives the option to downgrade to Basic account* again. That's nice.
* A Basic account is ad-free while viewing your LJ, your friends page, other basic accounts and of course paid accounts. DIE Plus accounts DIE

5. Random dresses from Bebe:
Cutout banded dress -- out of stock
Strapless Stitched Ruffle Party Dress -- Wedding cake X-D Not smth I'd ever own/wear, but it looks great on this model.

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Merlin fics wot people should write

Nov. 3rd, 2009 | 03:12 pm

I'm all caught up with Merlin 2X06 now. Arthur's neatly brushed (combed?) bangs under his crown in 2X06 makes me want nerd!Arthur fics.

1. Sorority Boys -- with Merlin, Arthur and Will. Arthur/Ann clearly must be Adam/Adina, with his complex about his/her fat ass arse >=D
Will is the stoner eternal senior who takes crossdressing in stride.
Morgana is the nearsighted sorority president, because Katie McGrath wearing glasses IS CANON. Gwen is going to beat Merlin up (or get Lancelot to beat Merlin up) when she realized Merlin had been taking showers with Morgana =O

Sir Leon can be the sleazy scumbag loser who roofied Arthur/Ann.
Cedric is the guy who stole the fraternity's money and blame Merlin.

Uther hitting on Merlin on the yatch = BONUS because he's always thought Arthur's friend isn't quite right in the head.

2. Hors de prix/Priceless -- with Merlin as the golddigger Irene and Arthur as the hotel barman Jean. Merlin mistook Arthur as a millionaire and put the moves on him. Arthur went along with the charade, fell for Merlin, etc.

A year later, the two met again at the same hotel. It's Merlin's birthday and he's had a cozy arrangement with Uther for three years now. Uther caught Merlin cheating with Arthur, Merlin threw his lot in with Arthur only to realize that he's the help AHAHAHAHAHA.

Merlin moved on to Lancelot (du Lac sr. just croaked, leaving his massive wealth to Lancelot). Arthur wouldn't give up on Merlin and ended up being Lady Helen's boy toy so he can continue going on dates with Merlin.

I stopped watching the movie at this point so IDK what happened next, haha.

3. I'm contemplating claiming Bluebeard over at [ profile] tobreakthespell. But IDK if I'll be motivated to see the fic through, since it's not a happy one =/

For some reason I can't think of any happy fairy tales that match the Merlin fandom =S (that hasn't already been claimed, that is.)

Arthur Blackguard--too evocative of WoW and RPGs, Y/N?

P.S. Hi! I'm sorta-not-quite back yet! *waves* Hope everyone's doing fine.
P.P.S.In other news, my laptop's monitor & graphic card died last Thursday.

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Fandom is you in Germany and me in the US and him in Australia and her in Japan.

May. 30th, 2009 | 06:31 pm

Fandom is drama. Fandom is melodrama. Fandom is high school. [...] Fandom is smarter than you. Fandom is stupider than you. Fandom is five arguments over and over and over again. Fandom is the first time you've ever had them. [...]

Fandom is love for characters you didn't create. Fandom is recreating the characters you didn't create. [...]

Fandom is signal and response. Fandom is a stranger moving you to tears, anger, laughter. Fandom is you moving a stranger to speak. [...]

Fandom gets no work done. Fandom is too much work. Fandom was/is just a phase. Fandom could never be just a phase. Fandom is where you found a friend, a sister, a kindred spirit. Fandom is where you found a talent, a love, a reason.

Fandom is where you found yourself.

--[ profile] hesychasm's "in lieu of life."

♥ Hard to not c & p the whole thing *_*


-- [personal profile] ifyouweremine channeling the photographer of that video of milk being "flung suggestively" at Zachary Quinto X-D'll have to watch it yourself. I recommend the "I'm Too Sexy" alternate soundtrack. (The milkshake thing is overdone, really.)

Mr. Spock [...] holds the valid belief that he shares a bloodline with Mr. Holmes. The relationship at first seemed easy to explain; While Mr. Spock exhibits the physical characteristics and upbringing of his native planet Vulcan, he is in fact half human. His mother, Amanda (neé Grayson) was American, but the name Grayson is of English extraction.


[T]he Graysons can only trace their family back as far as Professor Jeremy Grayson of Boston in the year 2045. Spock cannot know, then, that his mother's family tree includes a Holmesian branch. At this point, we have eliminated one possibility: the only other one, that Spock gets his Sherlockian ancestry from his father's side, must by Spock's and Holmes' own rule be true. But this is an audacious possibility, because we know from Spock's World that the marriage between Spock’s father Sarek and Amanda Grayson was the first interracial marriage between human and Vulcan, and that genetic engineering was needed to produce Spock. If Holmes was Spock's ancestor, then, it follows that Holmes was a Vulcan.

--Scott, David M. "Sherlock Holmes: Visitor to a Small Planet"

Not only does Spock descend from Sherlock Holmes, he's related to Dick Grayson, twelve years old >=D Oh wait, actually it's not a good thing to share Nightwing's genes.
Genetic engineering --> Spock ~ Conner Clark Luthor? X-D

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MOAR MerlinArthurFQF prompts

May. 30th, 2009 | 01:52 am

Sixty-five prompts [ profile] merlinarthurfqf for Fics and Artwork by June 30, 2009

I might be crazy enough to claim you-know-what, we'll see.

1. When Arthur was born, Igraine didn't die. Instead, the magic claims Arthur himself as payment. Arthur grows up having a lifetime obligation to Magic, a sentient being that dictate the flow of the world.

2. Uther found out about Merlin's magic. Convinced that Merlin had Arthur & Morgana under his thrall, he has him starved & tortured until the enchantment lifts. Arthur/Morgana/Gwen sometimes smuggles food into his cell.

5. The Great Dragon decides it's time to interfere before stupid humans bring about the end of Magic. Bonus: his scheme requires some Merlin/Arthur action.

8. The other knights are baffled by Lancelot's sleeping arrangements, as jealous!Arthur doesn't let any of them play with his servant. Lancelot finds this terribly interesting. Insert Lancelot into Merlin/Arthur as needed (or not).

17. Arthur has an arrangement with an attractive widow that they'll get together every time she comes to court, but this time she wants a threesome with his attractive man-servant. Bonus points for virgin!Merlin and/or it resulting in Arthur and Merlin discovering they are Meant For Each Other.

18. Spoilers for episode 6- Arthur has died, and Merlin makes a deal with Edwin Murden to learn the secrets of alchemy to bring back his prince. In exchange, Merlin ends up blinded and lame. Arthur ends up being perfectly fine, but can't figure out why everyone is acting so strangely or why Merlin refuses to be his manservant. somewhat angsty, Long oneshot or a 2 parter. Happy ending, please

23. Arthur is magical too, but no one has a clue because *he is so much more competent at keeping it secret than Merlin.*

45. Bruises

57. HP x-over. Because it's not enough being named after two dead people, Albus Severus Potter is Arthur's reincarnation. Bonus if Scorpius Malfoy is Morgana's reincarnation.

61. On his first year as Court Sorcerer, Merlin wants to give Arthur a special birthday present.

62. Arthur has a crush on Lancelot, who remains clueless. Merlin is amused and the tiniest bit jealous.

64. Merlin was trying to magic something bigger, but end up making himself smaller instead. (Pocket-sized Merlin!)

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Shadow of the Templar rec & fav. non-spoilery snippets

May. 26th, 2009 | 12:49 am

Several of my post titles since April are quotes/snippets that have compelled three of you to wonder, "Who's Simon?"

Simon 'Templar' Drake is from Shadow of the Templar series, which some of you probably have heard about from [ profile] sansa1970's rec last year. The series follows an FBI team and a world-famous jewel thief in a series of cases. The main pairing is Simon Drake (FBI team leader)/Jeremy Archer (thief). Banter, random geekery...oh and Archer is British =P What's not to love? ;-) Read more... )

Simon Drake aka Templar 29 y.o., 6'3", team leader, defender of the free world, an all-American middle-class boy from the Midwest.
* Good-looking and knows it >=D
* Repeatedly tell Archer point-blank that his job and his team members are way more important than him. Ouch. IDK why Archer doesn't just dump him. Oh right, because he is SO FINE.

Jeremy Archer aka Shadow aka 'James Crown', and dozens other aliases
27 y.o., 5'10", criminal, adversary, pain in the ass, British. Read more... )

Nathan 'Nate' Waxman aka Specs 28 y.o., 5'9", tech (hardware), bomb disposal, all-around mascot, a nice Jewish boy from New Jersey.
Has a crowbar with "Speak Friend And Enter" etched down the length of the grip. Read more... )

Michael 'Mike' Takemura aka Honda aka 'that crazy bastard' aka 'the loose cannon'
27 y.o., 6'1, undercover work, combat/tactical driving, general muscle, crazy
The Brooklyn-born son of a first-generation Japanese-American father and a mother of Hispanic descent.
* I just LOVE that his nickname is Honda. Not as bad as Toyota, but still. Read more... )

Sandra 'Sandy' Leone aka Springheel 28 y.o., 5'7", second-in-command, undercover work, general muscle
Came from old New England money. The best martial artist on the team. Have kicked Mike's ass so bad on numerous occasions.
* The only woman on Simon's team, but she doesn't feel like a token female character at all. Read more... )

Jonathan 'Johnny' Pilgrim aka Texas 33 y.o., 6'0", weapons wrangler, general muscle
Started his law enforcement career with the local police force.
* I like his interaction with Specs, mostly. So awesome protective =3 Like his jibes at Honda too. Read more... )

Richard 'Rich' Story aka Specs Two, 30 y.o., 5'6", tech (software), hacker-of-all-trades
A computer genius par excellence (and a nerd in the most classic socially-awkward sense). Native Seattleite.
* Total jerk to Archer, but you can't help but like him. Read more... )

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Dreamwidth multilevel tags

May. 21st, 2009 | 12:40 pm

Because my Tranquility II layout does not have a tag list module )

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[No spoilers. Just Spock] Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock Kirk Spock Spock Spock

May. 19th, 2009 | 01:33 pm
mood: Uhura =/= Anhora Uhura =/= Anhora

I have to admit that I only watched Star Trek because of:
1) Sylar with eyebrows! and,
2) I want to read [personal profile] ifyouweremine's pr0n

Like a gazillion other people have said, it was GLORIOUS.

I like every single character in that movie, and that _never_ happened to me before.
Yes, including the evil Romulan guy, who I found vaguely hot (which is understandable because he was played by Eric Bana, who played Hector in Troy).
I even like Spock's mother (didn't recognize Winona Ryder until her third appearance X-D)

[ profile] ruien shared ST canon tidbits with me, but I was all, "Uh-huh. Sylar with eyebrows! Spock Spock Spock!"
I should like BlondPratJerk!Kirk better, but I don't. It's the power ot the eyebrows!111

I want to cuddle ickle!Spock with his pretty eyes <333 Spock! Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock! Spock!
Ickle!Kirk was awesome too! And Kirk was as pretty as everyone said <333
Mind meld! Spock! Spock!
Kirk Senior was hot too! Alternate Reality! Spock!

I even love the canon het pairing =D =D =D

Hikaru Sulu! Gold power ranger! Fold-out sword! Fencing!
17 y.o. Chekhov OMGSoPrecious ^___^ "I can do it I can do it I can do it"

Eomer Karl Urban's stupid haircut makes me want to cry, but otherwise YAY Bones! Spock!

I'm going to watch it at IMAX later tonight =D =D =D
PSA: It's only playing in IMAX until this Thursday.

Bring on the fics where Kirk licks Spock's eyebrows MWAHAHAHAHA >=D

- Awesome mind-meld plotbunny
- Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge: Journey to Drabble -- 100 prompts =)
- [ profile] st_xi_kink's kink meme

Non-Star Trek related:
- movie ads in Canada run TEN MINUTES LONGER than movie ads in the U.S., which is already pretty darned long.
- Canadian males in ads all have the same closely-set-together-eyes and tall straight nose, just like American TV actors all have square jaws =P

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Food: Culture, Baby Carrots and Bento Boxes

May. 11th, 2009 | 05:41 pm

1. And the Americanization of this batch of second generation Asian Americans is complete.

Two weeks ago, my friend--let's call her Sara--offered a group of preschoolers-and-older children black sticky rice pudding. Sara gave each kid a spoonful and asked them to "just try it."
Girl #1: *diplomatic grin* "We don't like this. Can we have goldfish crackers please?"

Girl #2: "I want Oreos!"

Boy #1: "Brownies!"

Sara's 1.5-y.o. daughter liked it, and Girl #2 shoved her plate across the table. "I don't want it. You eat it."

Granted, Sara should have heated up the dish and served it with coconut milk (It's not black sticky rice pudding without coconut milk!111), but it made me sad that they rejected the dish outright as being unfamiliar.

Food is so intertwined with Asian culture, and I'm not sure what to think of Asian Americans who are cut off not only from their grandparents' language, but also Asian food. Read more... )

2. I knew there was a reason why I don't like baby carrots.
[T]he cute baby carrots found in the supermarket are not a variety grown by nature but rather the product of technology. They are formed by a machine that cuts them out from full sized older carrots and in some cases, puts green food colouring at the "stem" end for further effect. --Carrots

And: Read more... )

3. Food is not only about taste, but also presentation. Especially Japanese food.
(Chinese food, for the most part, is a slapdash stir-fry "It's fresh and steaming hot. EAT IT." thing.)

Yes, I've seen beautiful creative arrangements in generic plastic containers. No, throw-some-food-together in a bento box does not mean it's bento.

But the bento box is part of the presentation. Read more... )

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Merlin has a not-so-secret addiction to cute fridge magnets

May. 3rd, 2009 | 05:25 pm

The turtle moves. )

This was originally submitted as an answer to [ profile] armer_gayms' ModernDay!AU challenge. Check out [personal profile] roflolmaomg's submission, 'tis epic! Whereas [personal profile] ifyouweremine slays you with baby cuteness =P

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