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Jan. 17th, 2019 | 02:39 am

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#contains dub con elements inherent in the Boys Love genre
#This is a reading list not a rec list
#To start reading from chapter 1, Google the title + 'Novel updates'
#This list is alphabetized by the website address
#Bad sex galore, as prevalent in the Japanese Boys Love genre
#If you don't like Japanese BL, you probably also won't like Chinese danmei
#Don't read these for the sexytiems is what I'm saying

I think I accidentally deleted this post on tumblr... For some reason it's still showing on my tumblr's recent posts though. Nope I didn't.

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*****COMMERCIAL BREAK***** for 3x01: Girl with the Werewolf Ink

Jan. 31st, 2013 | 08:55 pm

Like Hayden's style? Get a pair of scissors and deconstruct your own T-shirt.

--3x01: Girl with the Werewolf Ink (Teen Wolf, the beginnings of Derek/Stiles and Scott/Isaac, 3K, PG-13)

In this fake script excerpt, Stiles grows instantly suspicious of new students Hayden and Ethan Park, tries to enlist Scott and Isaac's help, and ends up involving Derek.

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06 • 10 • Mini picnic under a tree

Jun. 28th, 2012 | 07:39 pm

Today's weather is great for napping under trees: a mild summer day. Warm enough that you only need a light jacket, and cloudy enough that there’s no glare.

The park is only six, seven houses away, so I packed up apple slices, blueberries, strawberry yogurt and a spoon in my pink furoshiki with singing blue birds. I brought a mat so I can lie down on the grass and read poetry out loud.

The children were leaving, so only one elderly man was there to witness my antics.

After forty-five minutes, it started drizzling. It was a splendorous moment =)

06/50 rl moment ✿ 10/100 moments in 100 words exactly

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Things That Made [personal profile] lilian_cho (Almost) Cry: An Eclectic Rec list

Oct. 9th, 2010 | 10:53 pm

1. Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane
His beauty...oh gods, it was so unfair. The children were singing in the streets about a beast, but he was beautiful enough to eclipse the sun. How could a creature who walked like a man and spoke like a man and had the head and fur-covered body of a beast achieve beauty, whereas I, who was supposedly a man, could only wallow in my own beastliness? I glared at my mud spot again and tried not to let my throat grow thick with a boy's aching disappointment.

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1 a. Sorta related: K.A. Mitchell's Life, Over Easy Read more... )

2. Other novel and novella that I like by Amy Lane:
2 a. Keeping Promise Rock. Bad things keep on happening, interspersed with uplifting moments. I loved every second of the emotional torture journey.
2 b. If I Must, 66 pages. Sweet =)

3. Counterpoint: Dylan's Story by Ruth Sims
3 a. I immediately followed that up with The Phoenix.

Don't read two Ruth Sims in a row. I should've taken a few days' breather in between. (Fanfic angst is more bearable than origific angst, because I can immediately self-medicate with happy happy fluff funny fanfic.)

Counterpoint is more w00bie, The Phoenix is more hurt/comfort, but light on the comfort part.
Those who want warnings, ask me in the comments.

4. Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle.
I kept on biting my tongue so I didn't cry when reading this children's book (I was in the middle of a bookstore.) Nubs ;_;

5. Gwen-centric Merlin/Arthur/Gwen fanvid:
Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain

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With a soft gasp from Aaron, the soundtrack in Joey's head started again.

Sep. 18th, 2010 | 09:13 pm

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Sign-up @ camelotremix closes tonight

Aug. 21st, 2010 | 05:26 pm

camelot remix sign-ups are open until August 21

You only need five 500-word Merlin ficlets or five 500-word Merlin RPFs to qualify. FYI: Crossovers don't qualify for the minimum five.
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I should've pimped this earlier, but I was in a bookstore, biting my tongue so I didn't cry while I read a picture book about Nubs, a desert dog in Iraq.

Anyone knows other drabble comm.s I can pimp this at? I'll pimp it at [ profile] slytherin100 and [ profile] hpgen100, obviously.

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[Non-spoilery] The Demon's Lexicon flailing

Jun. 16th, 2009 | 01:08 pm
mood: "...Nick drew Alan closer."

1. YES YES I got almost everything right AHAHAHAHA >=D

2 a. Love the one easter egg [ profile] sarahtales dropped in the book =)
Suddenly made me see two of the characters in terms of Maya's HPverse.

2 b. I'm not the only crazy fan who contemplated the possibility of a TDL/FMA x-over/pastiche, yeah? Just think: homunculus, the philosopher's stone and automail in TDL-verse. *whimpers at the thought of Alan outfitted with automail*

2 c. There are ENDLESS pairing possibilities between Nick/Alan/Mae/Jamie. Nick/Alan, Nick/Mae, Alan/Mae, Nick/Mae/Alan, Nick/Jamie, Alan/Jamie, Nick/Alan/ catch my drift.

3 a. Love how the second and third book will come out in 2010 and 2011 YESSSS \o/
3 b. This would mean me spending $45+ every year for the series. (~$30 for the Japanese translation and ~$15 for the UK cover.)
3 c. I need to buy a book cover for the uber-pretty Japanese translation.

4. The night after I finished the book, I kept on having vague dreams/impressions about Nick. And possibly [SPOILERY main antagonist's name].

5. If I use random Japanese The Demon's Lexicon quotes for my post subjects, that won't be spoilerific to you guys, will it?
If any Japanese readers on my F-list want to read TDL and haven't, please let me know now.

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