Fic & Drabbles Masterlist (Merlin, Teen Wolf, GO, etc.)

Feb. 22nd, 2014 | 12:14 am

My Harry Potter stuff is here.

Note: Please don't steal Arthur's crown & Merlin's hat. Google your own hats ;-)

I've uploaded some (not all) of my Merlin stuff on AO3.

As of February 22, 2014, my current Merlin favorites are:
:♥: "Mutants: Second Generation," gen, Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, PG-13, BBC Merlin/X-Men: First Class fusion.
:♥: "Unlucky (Five, Six, Seven Eight Nine Ten I Love You)," Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Leon, R, remix.
:♥: The Cupbearer drabble series, Merlin/Arthur half-brother AU, PG-13 for incest. [info - personal] cupbearer
:♥: "Cupid Undone," Merlin/Arthur sibling AU, PG-13 for incest.

Single-chapter WIPs won't be listed here.

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09 • 17 • Does the PoC die

Oct. 6th, 2013 | 11:27 pm

I need a “Does the PoC die” website. It kills my enjoyment when there’s an awesome PoC that I like, only to have them die =( =( =(

- the _single_ PoC in Epic
- Darwin in X-M:FC (thankfully 98% of fanfic have him alive)
- two black dudes in Once Upon a Time (from the few S2 eps that I watched). Tumblr made me think you-know-who is as constant a character as Mulan T__T

I’m okay with white sausagefests (see: Tolkien). Not okay with white sausagefest that’s a result of women and PoCs getting fridged (see: Teen Wolf S3).


09/50 fandom moment ✿ 17/100 moments in 100 words exactly

[ DW | IJ | LJ ]

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03 • 08 • I dreamt I was in a job interview with James McAvoy and his agent

Jun. 22nd, 2012 | 11:38 pm

And they were both terribly nice and sweet. I met McAvoy when he's filming at my birth country, and he went, "Do you want to be my PA/tour guide? You're bored with school, right?" We talked about tourism in my country, which I have OPINIONS about.

My first X-M:FC dream, and my first fandom dream in a while. Lately I've been dreaming about rl acquaintances, which is an anomaly. I often dream I'm someone else entirely (circus guy, Jewish orphan, bicurious co-ed, zombified me, etc.) Or I dream of origific plot/setting ideas.

Anyway, am glad even dream!McAvoy is lovely ;-)

03/50 fandom moment ✿ 08/100 moments in 100 words exactly

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This is my first time being the cranky fandomer

May. 22nd, 2012 | 09:10 pm

In the past I usually make an LJ post/inform the cranky fandomer with a vested interest, and watch the bitchiness unfold beautifully. Mirabella is the best.

Once a year or so, someone will get the "brilliant" idea to archive/repost other people's fics without permission. This is the first time I have to actively do something about it, beyond informing the author whose fics are being copy-pasted.

14~ hours ago, "Nicole" c & p'd azryal00's Tumblr fic to AO3. Eight hours and a dozen-ish polite* comments (asking the story to be removed) later, she wrote:
Hey, guys. My bad; picked this up off a friend's blog and neither of us knew who wrote it, so I posted it. Now, that I know who wrote it, I can hit up their blog. No harm meant. Thanks!

The story will be down in a little while. Take care.

Six hours later, the story is STILL UP. So I filed an Abuse report to the AO3 staff.

Plagiarism is a violation of the AO3's ToS, is that cool or what?
Plagiarism is the use of someone else's words or concepts without properly attributing those words or concepts to their original source. [...]

Plagiarism is a violation of the ToS and will incur the penalties described in the abuse policy. As with all content that violates the ToS, plagiarized content must be removed. Depending on the type and amount of plagiarized content, this might entail removing an entire piece of content, removing only the plagiarized portions from a longer work while leaving the original material, or adding citations.

If you believe a fanwork posted on the Archive plagiarizes another work, please report the work to the abuse team.

I highly doubt I'm gonna make anyone cry (like last time, albeit indirectly), since I suspect this "Nicole" is not a newbie but is instead a troll.

* X-M:FC fandom, why so nice? Srsly you need to be a little MEAN sometime. This is how I feel about Merlin fandom too sometimes, tbh. Except for the shipping wars.

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03 • 05 • There can never be too many remixes

May. 13th, 2012 | 01:44 pm

Remix a fic picked by someone else, and/or prompt your own fic to be remixed!

Can't help but participate because this (theoretically) combines my two great fandom loves: drabbles* and remixes.

I'm at a bit of a loose end, fandom writing-wise. I have this HP!Fusion X-M:FC plotbunny that I'm not comfortable starting, since I haven't even written a single X-M:FC drabble. My first Merlin fic was a [community profile] merlin100 drabble, where I won all these fuzzy feelings and paid LJ besides (Thanks [personal profile] oconel and [personal profile] nefernat). I feel that if I can’t even write a drabble for a fandom, I have no business writing in that fandom =/

*Theoretically, because one DW comment can hold 1K~ words.

03/50 fandom moment ✿ 05/100 moments in 100 words exactly

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A Wizard's Education (The Teach your heart Remix) [HP/X-M:FC, Scorpius-centric, PG-13]

Apr. 29th, 2012 | 07:47 pm

A Scorpius-centric fic guest-starring X-Men: First Class characters. No knowledge of X-M:FC necessary.
Main characters: Scorpius, Draco, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Additional characters: Albus Severus, James Sirius, Dolly Dursley, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy, Raven Darkholme, OC students
Rating: PG-13
Original story: The Better Men (X-M:FC/HP, Erik/Charles, 71K words) by [ profile] TurtleTotem
Beta(s): Beta-ed and Britpicked by the lovely [personal profile] symetric. First draft audienced by [personal profile] rea_saint
Word count: ~1.8K words
Notes: Written for RemixMadness2012 @ AO3. SPOILERS for The Better Men. This fic contains Wizarding sex metaphor, mention of character death, Sebastian Shaw, skeevy power imbalance situation, implication of sexual misconduct and crossed out lines.
Dolly Dursley and Imogen Cox are [ profile] TurtleTotem's OCs. Some of the dates are guesstimated from the original story. Halloween masqued balls aren't canon, but there's no stopping us!

Disclaimer: The characters are created and owned by JKR, Bloomsbury and Marvel. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

( A Wizard's Education (The Teach your heart Remix) )

( Read it @ AO3 | LJ )

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Mutants: Second Generation (Gen | Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, PG-13, ~9K)

Feb. 16th, 2012 | 01:26 pm

An X-Men: First Class fusion//ModernDay!AU.
Powerful telepath Merlin went through life identifying as an empath until the night he encountered a brilliant mind in the waters.

Characters: Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, Morgana, Gwen, Gwaine, Leon, Lancelot, Morgause, Anhora
Word Count: 8989
Betas: Part one betaed by dear [ profile] symetric and proofread by [ profile] lovely_dusk, part two betaed by [ profile] lovely_dusk <3
Content Notes: SPOILERS for X-M:FC. Italics.
Prompt: [ profile] sweetestel's awesome manip for [ profile] merlinreversebb.
Give feedback to her lovely posters and wallpaper here <3
Author's Note: Thank you [ profile] sweetestel for letting me switch around Arthur and Merlin's roles from your original prompt. Brainstorming with you and sending you fic snippets helped me stay motivated <3
All references in the fic are Google-able. Here are the spoiler-y Mutants: Second Generation "Playlist" and the spoiler-y character list.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction – none of this ever happened. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work.

Have no story to be told )

Making a home down there )

( Post a new comment @ DW | AO3 | LJ )

Leave Kudos ♥ @ AO3

Feel free to write anything for this series: sequel, prequel, deleted scenes, timestamp fic, remix, side story, drabble, listfic, etc. (I call dibs on Arthur prequel/backstory and Morgana prequel/backstory). Just link me so I can compile it on the series' main page =) I'm also open to co-writing offers. Here's Camelot First Class character list, for your reference.

Fanarts, translations, podfic, fanmixes and other fan creations = <3

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Mutants: Second Generation "Playlist"

Feb. 16th, 2012 | 12:43 pm

Or, Things Quasi-related to Writing This Fic

(A tad spoilerific, so read the fic first if you would: DW | AO3 )

※ Thanks to [ profile] symetric, the fic isn't titled "(52 Days of) Arthur and Merlin" =P

♬ The titles of the parts, "Have no story to be told" and "Making a home down there," are from Adele's Rolling in the Deep, which is my ChErik anthem because of this fabulous, fabulous fanvid by [personal profile] arefadedaway. <--Totally worth the download!
(I played that fanvid so often my mom got interested in Adele. Bought her the album for Christmas.)

※ I wanted more screentime for Lancelot, but can't justify having him appear in Part Two.
※ I wish Gwen had interacted more with the other characters, but always thought it weird for X-M:FC's Moira to be so involved (esp. staying in the mansion during training).

♬ Book rec: Jim Grimsley's Comfort and Joy (1999). Gay fiction with a hemophiliac main character. AFAIK it's out of print, but your library might have it. It's atmospheric and ends with a happy/hopeful tone. Warning: allusions to childhood trauma/abuse.
Winter Birds (1997) is the prequel, which tells the story of Danny Crell's childhood. I didn't read WB because traumatic childhood = meep.

※ Pizza Guy is played by Caleb Landry Jones ;-)

[ profile] Closer's Pizza and a Movie (Suits, Harvey/Mike, AU PizzaDeliveryGuy!Mike, 30 K) was one of the fics I read when writing this story.
My fav. of her Suits fics so far is The New Deal (Gen, Harvey adopts teenage Mike as a brother, 33 K)

Gwaine's actor was an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

※ I didn't know "meet violent" isn't a term that cross fandoms until my beta [ profile] lovely_dusk goes "??"
Is there seriously no "meet violent" couples outside Smallville? (I suppose unless you have superhuman powers you'll die if you get hit by a car, but still.)

♬ But wait. There was that awesome ChErik fic with a "meet violent" beginning!
A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by [ profile] Etharei (Erik/Charles, AU sci-fi fairytale, 114 K)

※ I wanted to use Japanese archery principles/philosophy for Merlin's pep talk advice friendly instruction to Arthur, but ended up finding inspiration in yoga and Buddhism instead. At least it's not Yoda. Yeah don't think about it too hard.

※ "Mutants: Second Generation" is 200+ words longer than my longest Harry Potter fic. \o/ <--is easily pleased. (When I finish my m/m origific *knocks on wood*, it'll be three times as long.)

Camelot First Class characters and their Marvel parallel (if any)

★☆ Mutants Read more... )

☆★ Humans Read more... )

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Jane Eyre (2011) // A Bear Named Winnie (2004)

Jan. 26th, 2012 | 07:22 pm

[☆] 7 K [ profile] merlinreversebb fic

I am a procrastinator that procrastinates~
Has the titles for: the parts, the series, the Arthur prequel/backstory and Morgana prequel/backstory, but NO TITLE for the fic itself. *mopes* ETA: Title: GET!

[☆] 1 K [ profile] merlin_games fic due Feb 13

Nothing concrete yet. Bleh. ETA 02/13/12: Done in two days, huzzah! >=D

The two Michael Fassbender movies outside X-M:FC that I'm actually willing to watch:

1. Jane Eyre. First of all, why did they start the movie from the middle? I watched the movie 1.5 times and I still don't get it.

Second, I was rooting for St. John until he proposed, in which he amply demonstrated that he DOESN'T GET JANE AT ALL. =( I'm making disappointed faces at you, Jamie Bell St. John! Ergo, Jane ran back to be with the lesser of two evils creepyRochester instead =P

Michael Fasbbender's Rochester is, as expected, v. creeper (Perhaps to Twilight's creeperEdward levels? Why the same first name WAHHHhhh). What delightfully surprised me though, is he plays creeperRochester with humor. He MOCKS JANE GENTLY AND NOT-SO-GENTLY but it's all in good fun. Plus, Jane Eyre has wits and claws. Rawr.

Lastly, I approve of the ending shot (the two of us against the world! Willful blindness, metaphorical and otherwise!) and the exclusion of the book's epilogue, which is the epitome of foreboding creepy in a book already filled with creepy. I mean it all in the most romantic sense, of course.

2. A Bear Named Winnie

All the Michael Fassbender & bear/horse/animal moments are sweet, but he inevitably looks like a shark in some shots. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

It's an adequately sweet TV family movie, with bonus Stephen Fry, but IMO you can just enjoy this X-M:FC fic instead:
A Boy and his Bear by [ profile] PoorMedea
Erik Lehnsherr is the type of man who hates puppies, kittens, and babies. He's the type of man for whom peace is not an option. He's the type of man who would walk away from the only person who's truly loved him.
Isn't he?

Or, in which a bear named Winnie is the ultimate 'fix it'.

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