Billy Elliot

Jul. 29th, 2016 | 01:31 am

Just watched a local performance of Billy Elliot yesterday. The 13-y.o. playing Billy is Philipp Mergener, and he’s been doing ballet since he was four.

I love some of the additions the musical made (compared to the movie):
- The mum’s letter
- Grandma’s song
- Dream dance sequence with older Billy
[SPOILERS kinda]
- What his dad decided to do after he confronted the dance teacher and went “He’s my son. He’s my responsibility.”

“No one can give what I can give him.” *is slayed*

I don’t like musical!Michael as much as movie!Michael. Also, nothing can beat movie!Billy’s angry dance. The musical angry dance feels contrived and therefore doesn’t have as much impact…

This local performance doesn’t employ enough pauses to build anticipation. But I guess they already clock at 2 hrs 30 minutes and didn’t want to make it longer?

In closing, Elliott Hanna performing “Electricity” in Billy Elliott the Musical Live.
Ickle!Tom Holland* and two other Billys performing “Electricity” together.

* Tom Holland was one of the West End Billy Elliots from September 2008 to May 2010. He trained for 2.5 years before taking on the role.

#aw geez I love Billy's dad so much #Jackie Elliott

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My feelings about MCU Steve/Sharon

May. 13th, 2016 | 11:55 pm

Steve: Stop setting me up with my cute neighbor, Natasha! Gosh!

Sharon: I am pretending to flirt with you so I can warn you about an unauthorized visitor in your apartment!

Steve: Yeah, hi.

Sharon: I am a SHIELD agent sent to spy on you!

Steve: *deadpans* Neighbor.

Sharon: In conclusion, CACW spoilers )

And on top of all this, Agent Carter is canceled.

On an unrelated, happy note, In the Flesh is now available on Hulu. What's with all these cute zombie series lately?

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09 • 17 • Does the PoC die

Oct. 6th, 2013 | 11:27 pm

I need a “Does the PoC die” website. It kills my enjoyment when there’s an awesome PoC that I like, only to have them die =( =( =(

- the _single_ PoC in Epic
- Darwin in X-M:FC (thankfully 98% of fanfic have him alive)
- two black dudes in Once Upon a Time (from the few S2 eps that I watched). Tumblr made me think you-know-who is as constant a character as Mulan T__T

I’m okay with white sausagefests (see: Tolkien). Not okay with white sausagefest that’s a result of women and PoCs getting fridged (see: Teen Wolf S3).


09/50 fandom moment ✿ 17/100 moments in 100 words exactly

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Obligatory Hiatus Post

Dec. 17th, 2012 | 06:08 am

Due to (happy!*) rl events, I'll be away for the next two months-ish.

Contacting me via e-mails or comments are the best way to go, although I can't promise a timely response. (PMs are not as convenient because I'll need to log in first to see your message).

* Those curious and who don't read me on LJ can just ask me.


I only have two non-spoilery things to say about The Hobbit (which I watched Friday morning):
1) I'm glad I was forewarned; otherwise I'd be "???" throughout the movie.
2) Finding two dwarves (separately and/or together) attractive is just WRONG. Okay not as wrong as finding house-elves attractive. I am, of course, referring to Thranduil and Kili.

I'm looking forward to the NuTrek sequel with Villain!BenedictCumberbatch AAaaaaahhh ahhhhhhhh new haircuuuuuttt *INCOHERENT*.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Chrismukkah, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! =DDD

Feel free to spam this post with links. See you all in February-ish! *hugs*

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If only getting what Joey wanted was as easy as hitting D-4.

Aug. 4th, 2010 | 08:02 pm

The annoying voice in his head which had lately been sounding a lot like Noah reminded him that he'd have to actually make a selection first.

1. Anyone up to beta-ing my Merlin ficlets? I need a quick lookover & suggestions for expansion/clarification for 500-word Vivian/Leon AND/OR 715-word of Merlin/magic book. Esp. the second one because I think my humor fails T_T

2. I was planning to leisurely rewrite/expand/condense my entries after [ profile] summerpornathon ends, but [personal profile] camelotremix happens. Read the FAQ here.

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3. Inception didn't feel like a sci-fi movie at all. However, if one goes by my arbitrary definition (fantasy = good vs. evil, sci-fi = underdog vs. big, bad corporation/govt./force), then yes, it's a sci-fi.
LOVED it. Love Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character as much as I expected to (LOLarious sleeping face = <333). Didn't like the Juno actress*' character as much as I hoped I would. Oh, Leo. Oh, oh, Leo.

* She's much more awesome in Hard Candy. Juno is just meh, really.

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Last year I watched Star Trek with Japanese voice acting.

Jul. 27th, 2010 | 02:09 am

(X-posting because I'm f-locking the LJ post)

Spock's voice = the straight-laced, class president type who's quiet, serious, and perfect in every way. With hidden depths (or secret, endearing vice)! Sometimes with bonus hot geek glasses.
e.g. Death Note's Light/Raito pre-psychosis. Or Kare Kano's Soichiro Arima, minus the weakling appearance.

Kirk's voice = the happy-go-lucky youngster who just. Never. Gives. Up. And is inexplicably loved by everyone, friend and foe alike. Have the devil's own luck.
In other words, the main character of every single shounen anime out there. But nowhere as whiny as Naruto, dear lord.

Bones' voice = the laid back old guy who drinks sake and is vaguely lecherous/flirtatious to everyone, esp. their subordinates. Usually the mentor/teacher figure to the main character. And always turns out to have a dark, tragic past.
e.g. that pink flower kimono + straw hat-wearing captain in Bleach.

Uhura's voice = the straight-laced heroine who has Clear Views regarding Justice. Hates bullies and will fight them to protect the weak. Usually admires/has a crush on the class president, or is a class president herself.
e.g. lots of Hayao Miyazaki's heroines.

I was so disappointed by Sulu's voice, because he just has a generic voice. The you'll-only-see-me-in-two-episodes-max voice T_T

Bonus Kirk/Spock shounen rivalry summary: Read more... )
& McSpock salaryman Boys' Love summary: Read more... )

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Six RemixRedux09 recs (Or, Crossovers are awesome when done right)

Aug. 4th, 2009 | 05:59 pm

Three crossovers:

1. Like an Onion Inside Out (The Doctor, the Queen, and the TARDIS Remix) by [ profile] spiralleds
(Narnia/Doctor Who, The Doctor/Susan Pevensie, PG-13)
Summary: Sometimes endings are just the beginning.
Spoilers: Inclusive of the entire Chronicles and through series 4 of the new Doctor Who.
Warning: character deaths, talking animals

Author's meta
Includes Nine, Ten and Thirteen. And it WORKS. Also, even though it's character death, it's Narnia, after all =3

2. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga
(ST:XI/SGA, Kirk/Sheppard, R, 3000 words)
Ridiculously hot even without the sex. The original reads as the missing sex scene ;-)

3. Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/TARDIS Overdub) by [ profile] nopejr (Doctor Who/HP, Ten, Draco Malfoy, PG)
Summary: The Doctor pouted. Draco wasn't impressed.
Cuuuuuute *_* And funny. With fanartzes!

And three non-crossovers:

1. Still Waters (Hypothetically Speaking Extended Dub) by [personal profile] cimorene [LJ]
(ST:XI, gen, mentioned Spock/Uhura, implied Kirk/Spock, PG)

Author's meta
The original is an always-a-girl!Spock genderbend. The remix is Jim's pov, and his finding out (via his slutty ways myriad charms) that Spock is practically royalty. I love how the remix shows the differences of the Kirk/Spock dynamic when Spock's male instead of female.
tl;dr: Am deeply impressed, read it!

2. Art Appreciation (Boxed Wine and Crackers, or the Decline of Public Funding, Remix) by [ profile] eyebrowofdoom (Smallville, Clark/Lex, PG)
Summary: If you can do this, you must be morally old enough for a drink.
Spoilers/Warnings: adult themes.
Leeeeeex, you're so cute. Only Lex would have a fantasy life as a starving art student X-D

O/T: In other news, Michael Rosenbaum's Adina/Adam is the only 3-D character in Sorority Boys. I wasn't expecting anything but a stereotypical slapstick comedy (w/ bonus crossdressing Rosenbaum!), so his acting really impressed me =D (believable character, inner conflict, repress repress repress, deny deny deny)
Also, he looks SO YOUNG in that movie.

3. Free Range Subjects (The Scientific Method Remix) by [ profile] suaine
(Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, R)
Summary: No one ever said science was easy, and alien scientists are only human, after all.
Spoilers and/or Warnings: non-con (an alien made them do it)
It's an AMTDI fic from the aliens' pov =DDD \o/

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