Five Favorite Dean/Castiel Fics

Jul. 25th, 2016 | 05:28 am

(out of the ~150 I've read)

Appoggiatura by ceeainthereforthat (121~ K words, College AU)
Castiel leaves the religious commune of Heaven Farms to study classical piano after winning a full scholarship paid for by the Deanna Campbell Memorial Foundation, and answers an ad in the campus newspaper: 1 bedroom to let. Meals provided. 50mb wifi, quiet odd music student preferred.

Or, that beautiful epic music students AU that made me cry. (It does have a happy ending!) Heaven Farms isn't "religious" per se, so Castiel did not have any self-flagellation re: his feelings for Dean.

You can enjoy this fic even with zero SPN knowledge; I did. I liked Zachariah in this fic because I had zero knowledge of canon!Zachariah.
"You are cooking tomatoes," Castiel said. "Did I interrupt your canning?" He said it like it was a perfectly ordinary thing to do.

"Kind of," Dean said. "I haven't gotten anything in cans yet."

He'd told this guy he canned tomatoes. What on Earth. Castiel, with his slightly just out of time clothes, looked at what he could see of the rooms and the staircase leading straight up just before the door.

"This house has love in its walls," Castiel said. "It's a very good house."

Four more fic recs + 1 Bonus series rec )

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Dear F-list, please rec me someone to follow

Jul. 20th, 2015 | 10:23 pm

Consider it this year's birthday present =D

Someone on LJ, DW...or even Tumblr*.

I haven't been present online for the last two years (more like three) =/, and I miss the human connection.
(I feel that Tumblr is even worse than Facebook** for human connection/ease of communication, but ugh. Needs must.)

I wish I'm still in Merlin fandom because they're just so sweet. And even nowadays I'd get random kudos for the few Merlin fic I put up on AO3.

Am not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore (still have one WiP though). I was reading a lot of Dean/Castiel*** there for awhile, then got sidetracked with some Steve/Bucky and Steve/Tony. asdDSnjdsgkjaskncmca this fic (WiP) is so epic and so tragic:
Born from the Earth by venusm
Tony Stark's born an omega in a world where that means he's supposed to follow certain social rules. He becomes Iron Man anyway: Fuck biology.
If only his biology (and the world) would quit fucking him back.

The worldbuilding is insane awe-inducing.

And also this time travel Steve/Tony fic: The Twice-Told Tale by arysteia.

And this Tony Stark fandvid: Oh No by lilly_the_kid
The song choice is just so appropriate for Tony ;_; <333

I kinda want to be in the Avengers fandom but feel intimidated because I haven't read any of the comics. (I find the X-men fandom even more intimidating for the same reason.)

* I can't bring myself to type it in lowercase >__>
** Not that I have a Facebook.

*** The first one that made me cry was Appoggiatura by ceeainthereforthat.
Castiel leaves the religious commune of Heaven Farms to study classical piano after winning a full scholarship paid for by the Deanna Campbell Memorial Foundation, and answers an ad in the campus newspaper: 1 bedroom to let. Meals provided. 50mb wifi, quiet odd music student preferred.

Anyway! Leave your birthday wishes here =) and rec me someone (or two, or three) to follow, please.

Either way, *hugs* I hope everyone's doing fine.

birthday, fandom, me,

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A Wizard's Education (The Teach your heart Remix) [HP/X-M:FC, Scorpius-centric, PG-13]

Apr. 29th, 2012 | 07:47 pm

A Scorpius-centric fic guest-starring X-Men: First Class characters. No knowledge of X-M:FC necessary.
Main characters: Scorpius, Draco, Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Additional characters: Albus Severus, James Sirius, Dolly Dursley, Alex Summers, Sean Cassidy, Raven Darkholme, OC students
Rating: PG-13
Original story: The Better Men (X-M:FC/HP, Erik/Charles, 71K words) by [ profile] TurtleTotem
Beta(s): Beta-ed and Britpicked by the lovely [personal profile] symetric. First draft audienced by [personal profile] rea_saint
Word count: ~1.8K words
Notes: Written for RemixMadness2012 @ AO3. SPOILERS for The Better Men. This fic contains Wizarding sex metaphor, mention of character death, Sebastian Shaw, skeevy power imbalance situation, implication of sexual misconduct and crossed out lines.
Dolly Dursley and Imogen Cox are [ profile] TurtleTotem's OCs. Some of the dates are guesstimated from the original story. Halloween masqued balls aren't canon, but there's no stopping us!

Disclaimer: The characters are created and owned by JKR, Bloomsbury and Marvel. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

( A Wizard's Education (The Teach your heart Remix) )

( Read it @ AO3 | LJ )

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01 • 02 • Last year I was into Hetalia

Apr. 27th, 2012 | 02:23 pm

When I crossed the border to Canada last summer, I was happy because Matthew Williams (Canada's personification) is one of my favorite characters.

Even for an animanga fandom, Hetalia fandom is scary. I do love the canon though, and all the possibilities it offers.

My favorites: Arthur Kirkland (British people being tsundere), Wang Yao (fictionalized loving Sino-Japanese relations, but I love his older brother personality, long hair and beautiful legs) and Feliks Łukasiewicz (Shy of strangers and deceptively strong. Go read [personal profile] daegaer's fics).

They're fun exactly _because_ they're "stereotypes" (Ditto Glee S1.1). This is probably only understood by animanga fans.

01/50 fandom moment ✿ 02/100 moments in 100 words exactly

[ DW | IJ | LJ ]

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Mutants: Second Generation "Playlist"

Feb. 16th, 2012 | 12:43 pm

Or, Things Quasi-related to Writing This Fic

(A tad spoilerific, so read the fic first if you would: DW | AO3 )

※ Thanks to [ profile] symetric, the fic isn't titled "(52 Days of) Arthur and Merlin" =P

♬ The titles of the parts, "Have no story to be told" and "Making a home down there," are from Adele's Rolling in the Deep, which is my ChErik anthem because of this fabulous, fabulous fanvid by [personal profile] arefadedaway. <--Totally worth the download!
(I played that fanvid so often my mom got interested in Adele. Bought her the album for Christmas.)

※ I wanted more screentime for Lancelot, but can't justify having him appear in Part Two.
※ I wish Gwen had interacted more with the other characters, but always thought it weird for X-M:FC's Moira to be so involved (esp. staying in the mansion during training).

♬ Book rec: Jim Grimsley's Comfort and Joy (1999). Gay fiction with a hemophiliac main character. AFAIK it's out of print, but your library might have it. It's atmospheric and ends with a happy/hopeful tone. Warning: allusions to childhood trauma/abuse.
Winter Birds (1997) is the prequel, which tells the story of Danny Crell's childhood. I didn't read WB because traumatic childhood = meep.

※ Pizza Guy is played by Caleb Landry Jones ;-)

[ profile] Closer's Pizza and a Movie (Suits, Harvey/Mike, AU PizzaDeliveryGuy!Mike, 30 K) was one of the fics I read when writing this story.
My fav. of her Suits fics so far is The New Deal (Gen, Harvey adopts teenage Mike as a brother, 33 K)

Gwaine's actor was an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

※ I didn't know "meet violent" isn't a term that cross fandoms until my beta [ profile] lovely_dusk goes "??"
Is there seriously no "meet violent" couples outside Smallville? (I suppose unless you have superhuman powers you'll die if you get hit by a car, but still.)

♬ But wait. There was that awesome ChErik fic with a "meet violent" beginning!
A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by [ profile] Etharei (Erik/Charles, AU sci-fi fairytale, 114 K)

※ I wanted to use Japanese archery principles/philosophy for Merlin's pep talk advice friendly instruction to Arthur, but ended up finding inspiration in yoga and Buddhism instead. At least it's not Yoda. Yeah don't think about it too hard.

※ "Mutants: Second Generation" is 200+ words longer than my longest Harry Potter fic. \o/ <--is easily pleased. (When I finish my m/m origific *knocks on wood*, it'll be three times as long.)

Camelot First Class characters and their Marvel parallel (if any)

★☆ Mutants Read more... )

☆★ Humans Read more... )

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Jane Eyre (2011) // A Bear Named Winnie (2004)

Jan. 26th, 2012 | 07:22 pm

[☆] 7 K [ profile] merlinreversebb fic

I am a procrastinator that procrastinates~
Has the titles for: the parts, the series, the Arthur prequel/backstory and Morgana prequel/backstory, but NO TITLE for the fic itself. *mopes* ETA: Title: GET!

[☆] 1 K [ profile] merlin_games fic due Feb 13

Nothing concrete yet. Bleh. ETA 02/13/12: Done in two days, huzzah! >=D

The two Michael Fassbender movies outside X-M:FC that I'm actually willing to watch:

1. Jane Eyre. First of all, why did they start the movie from the middle? I watched the movie 1.5 times and I still don't get it.

Second, I was rooting for St. John until he proposed, in which he amply demonstrated that he DOESN'T GET JANE AT ALL. =( I'm making disappointed faces at you, Jamie Bell St. John! Ergo, Jane ran back to be with the lesser of two evils creepyRochester instead =P

Michael Fasbbender's Rochester is, as expected, v. creeper (Perhaps to Twilight's creeperEdward levels? Why the same first name WAHHHhhh). What delightfully surprised me though, is he plays creeperRochester with humor. He MOCKS JANE GENTLY AND NOT-SO-GENTLY but it's all in good fun. Plus, Jane Eyre has wits and claws. Rawr.

Lastly, I approve of the ending shot (the two of us against the world! Willful blindness, metaphorical and otherwise!) and the exclusion of the book's epilogue, which is the epitome of foreboding creepy in a book already filled with creepy. I mean it all in the most romantic sense, of course.

2. A Bear Named Winnie

All the Michael Fassbender & bear/horse/animal moments are sweet, but he inevitably looks like a shark in some shots. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

It's an adequately sweet TV family movie, with bonus Stephen Fry, but IMO you can just enjoy this X-M:FC fic instead:
A Boy and his Bear by [ profile] PoorMedea
Erik Lehnsherr is the type of man who hates puppies, kittens, and babies. He's the type of man for whom peace is not an option. He's the type of man who would walk away from the only person who's truly loved him.
Isn't he?

Or, in which a bear named Winnie is the ultimate 'fix it'.

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He also had a cowboy hat that he had purchased at the Calgary Stampede that caused

Aug. 31st, 2011 | 12:42 pm

virtually everyone he met to assume he was an American.

1. Suits. I haven't watched the show but I did read the fic that [personal profile] copperbadge recced and the other one written by the same author where Mike is a natural sub and Harvey is the dommiest dom that doms. X-D (Where had the cover art disappeared to though? Boo.)

2. Why I sometimes avoid watching TV shows even though I read the fanfic: Neal Caffrey is prettier than I could've expected, but Harvey Specter is not as hot as I pictured him to be. Boo.
2 a. Actually, the Wikipedia picture makes me think of Sexy!GrownUp!Privileged!Pureblood!Neville and...Peter Parker. Neville and Spiderman. Together, they fight crime! Weird, I tell you.

3. Sexy!GrownUp!Privileged!Pureblood!Neville is a fun fic premise though. Neville is raised by purebloods who're almost as snobby as the Malfoys! Except they're classier about it! (And did not support the Dark Lord, at least not publicly)

4. I have a Lancelot/Gwen, Morgana/Gwen-ish drabble idea that I haven't fleshed out/written down.

5. I wonder if there are any good Hook/Peter Pan (1993 movie with Jason Isaacs) or Caspian/Edmund fic out there that I haven't read yet...
5 a. Skandar Keynes!111 I shall miss you T_T And Lucy too ;_;
The Eustace actor has potential, but nobody can ever be as pretty as Skandar *wails*

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Retroactively Destroying Your Childhood Since 2005

Aug. 20th, 2011 | 10:01 pm

X-posting because I was updating the fic link. Originally posted on January 9, 2009.

An interesting take on Peter Pan's origin story:

Menagerie by Kieran Aisling (Hook/Pan, R)
Hook reflects upon his precious collection
Warning: chan, non-con (not graphic, thus the R instead of NC-17 rating)
One by one, Hook found boys he thought would suit. They were to be Peter's companions, so they had to be worthy, and it was very rare that the Captain found lads that were acceptable. But when he found them, he took them regardless of circumstance and without remorse. Peter would have his friends, no matter who Hook had to kill to get them.

Lilian_Cho: Retroactively Destroying Your Childhood Since 2005

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Secrets Under Your Skin, CamelotRemix, Not My Fandom Fest

Oct. 15th, 2010 | 02:03 pm

Secrets Under Your Skin (Merlin AU, implied Merlin/Arthur preslash, PG)
Fifth in the [personal profile] cupbearer drabble series (AU where Merlin is Arthur's half-brother), but can stand alone on its own.

This is a "Thank you remixer for the [personal profile] camelotremix story!" drabble =)
My remixer wrote the following lovely fic from Arthur's pov:
The Cupbearer (Brother's Keeper Remix) [Arthur/Merlin, Teen, Sibling Incest, 3,338 words]
Arthur meets his half-brother Merlin when he is six. Arthur is not all that impressed, but soon changes his mind. Canon AU.

CamelotRemix Fic Masterlist @ DW
Just click on the little triangles to the left of the cuts to expand. 'slike magic!

Please comment on the stories that you enjoyed! (And the original stories too if you like.) You don't need an AO3 account to comment, just an e-mail address which won't be displayed.

Seen at [ profile] melusinahp:

Not My Fandom Fest running until Monday, October 18 [ Alphabetical List of Fandoms ]
Write a ficlet for a fandom you're not a part of based solely on what you've learned from your friends list and fandom at large.

Am gonna see what drabbles I can come up with this weekend =D You can nominate fandoms too!

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Ye Olde Merlin Recs

Aug. 23rd, 2010 | 12:31 am

X-posting because I'm f-locking the LJ post. Originally posted on April 17, 2009.

Merlin fanvids:
1 a. Merlin - The Dance (LJ post) by [ profile] mamoru22
Merlin/Arthur vid to Maria Mena - I'm In Love

1 b. Untouched by [ profile] solanyxe
PG-13, 'Untouched' by The Veronicas, 00:02:55
Summary: Arthur and Merlin both feeling 'untouched'

Motivational posters by [ profile] andropovka:
2 a. Ventriloquism: "Ooh yes, Arthur you're so strong!"/ "Mmm, Merlin, I need you now!"
2 b. Sweet: Son, men do not give each other flowers.
2 c. Kingship: We built this city on rock and roll. And dead magic people.
2 d. Unwise: When dealing with an aerial foe, get into a target-shaped-formation
2 e. Arthur fanboy: the lights are on but there is no one home. Mmm muscles...

3. [ profile] otempora42's Ep. 1x05 picspam: I love how everyone just stands around while Arthur does all the fighting. Makes you wonder why it's so important to be of noble birth when you're just going to be Arthur's cheerleader.

[personal profile] seperis' listfics:
4 a. Three things that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually.
4 b. Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill
4 c. Five ways Arthur almost found out about Merlin, but didn't.

5. Awesome personification of emotion as laid out in 1 Corinthians 13:
Of Anger and Love by Ras Elased
Summary: Anger is a false thing. It is never alone. Anger lies like a harlot with a multitude of other emotions, shrouding them in her bed linens to hide them from sight...Love, when it is true, is always alone.

[ DW | IJ ]

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In the Middle (Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot, shades of OT5, PG-13, 150 words)

Dec. 11th, 2009 | 12:50 pm

It’s not that Merlin hates being in the middle. Arthur’s bed is big enough for three grown men, especially if one is as skinny as Merlin. It’s just that the king and the first knight always gravitate to the middle, effectively quashing him.

Lancelot would tuck his head into Merlin’s neck, one of his legs trapping Merlin’s. The man is so selfless that Merlin doesn’t have the heart to shove him off, even if his flyaway hair tickles.

Arthur would toss and turn, kicking the blanket off no matter how cool the night air is. Then, lying on top of the covers, he would turn on his side and half-lie across Merlin.

Some nights, Merlin would gently extricate himself and slip quietly next door. Gwen always scoots over to make space for him in Morgana’s bed. Most nights, however, he would lie overheated under his lovers’ embrace, awake and content.

ETA 5/25/10: The Russian translation by [ profile] nataliny1 is here.

A/N: Cut it down to 150 words. Go me!

In my fanon, Gwen and Morgana keep an extra nightgown* for the nights when Merlin drop by. It's important that they match~ after all.
Also, Santiago Lancelot grows his luscious locks out thanks to Merlin's Pout of Magnitude. The HEA end.

* Part 1 starts here

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Six RemixRedux09 recs (Or, Crossovers are awesome when done right)

Aug. 4th, 2009 | 05:59 pm

Three crossovers:

1. Like an Onion Inside Out (The Doctor, the Queen, and the TARDIS Remix) by [ profile] spiralleds
(Narnia/Doctor Who, The Doctor/Susan Pevensie, PG-13)
Summary: Sometimes endings are just the beginning.
Spoilers: Inclusive of the entire Chronicles and through series 4 of the new Doctor Who.
Warning: character deaths, talking animals

Author's meta
Includes Nine, Ten and Thirteen. And it WORKS. Also, even though it's character death, it's Narnia, after all =3

2. Congrats, You've Met Your Match (The Space Captain Remix) by [ profile] roga
(ST:XI/SGA, Kirk/Sheppard, R, 3000 words)
Ridiculously hot even without the sex. The original reads as the missing sex scene ;-)

3. Ten Synonyms for Sensational (The Dragon/TARDIS Overdub) by [ profile] nopejr (Doctor Who/HP, Ten, Draco Malfoy, PG)
Summary: The Doctor pouted. Draco wasn't impressed.
Cuuuuuute *_* And funny. With fanartzes!

And three non-crossovers:

1. Still Waters (Hypothetically Speaking Extended Dub) by [personal profile] cimorene [LJ]
(ST:XI, gen, mentioned Spock/Uhura, implied Kirk/Spock, PG)

Author's meta
The original is an always-a-girl!Spock genderbend. The remix is Jim's pov, and his finding out (via his slutty ways myriad charms) that Spock is practically royalty. I love how the remix shows the differences of the Kirk/Spock dynamic when Spock's male instead of female.
tl;dr: Am deeply impressed, read it!

2. Art Appreciation (Boxed Wine and Crackers, or the Decline of Public Funding, Remix) by [ profile] eyebrowofdoom (Smallville, Clark/Lex, PG)
Summary: If you can do this, you must be morally old enough for a drink.
Spoilers/Warnings: adult themes.
Leeeeeex, you're so cute. Only Lex would have a fantasy life as a starving art student X-D

O/T: In other news, Michael Rosenbaum's Adina/Adam is the only 3-D character in Sorority Boys. I wasn't expecting anything but a stereotypical slapstick comedy (w/ bonus crossdressing Rosenbaum!), so his acting really impressed me =D (believable character, inner conflict, repress repress repress, deny deny deny)
Also, he looks SO YOUNG in that movie.

3. Free Range Subjects (The Scientific Method Remix) by [ profile] suaine
(Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, R)
Summary: No one ever said science was easy, and alien scientists are only human, after all.
Spoilers and/or Warnings: non-con (an alien made them do it)
It's an AMTDI fic from the aliens' pov =DDD \o/

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Voting @ summerpornathon & Gimme a character name

Jul. 2nd, 2009 | 03:50 pm

Last day to vote for your three Merlin/Arthur favourites!
(There's a three-way tie for #1 right now)

My personal fav.s are:
1. tentacles, 3. French revolution
7. Salem witch trials, 11. pleasure slave, 13. transgender!Merlin
15. pirate!Merlin, 17. stowaway!Merlin
28. India, transgender!Merlin

Offer still open indefinitely: Throw me a character name or two!

You can comment on LJ or directly here )

What I've written for this meme so far (a flospy, a drabblet & three 100-word drabbles):

- Three facts about Aziraphale from my personal canon/fanon [Good Omens, 129 words]
- A reason Aziraphale is awesomecakes [Good Omens, 60 words]

- The last dream Dog had [Good Omens]

- Four people Chekov never fell in love with, and one person he did [Star Trek: XI]
<-- Awkward sentence construction is awkward.

- Three facts about Spock from my personal canon/fanon [Star Trek: XI]

No Kirk/Spock yet because they're 100 words each. I'm a drabble writer, not a miracle worker. (Except if I skip several years ahead in the timeline, I suppose.)

[ LJ | IJ | DW ]

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"one of my sons went to prison and the other has been shot, has killed a man,

Jun. 11th, 2009 | 03:12 pm

and is currently running for his life," Ethan said, and now his voice was so incongruously pleasant as to be grotesque.

Star Trek XI recs:

1. [ profile] midnight_city's [fanart] - star trek stuff

It's cute like a v. v. cute, LOLarious thing X-D
Guess the movies! (Hint: both by Pixar =3)
Kid!Spock in a Starfleet summer camp get-up is the BEST THING EVARR <333

2. [ profile] hollycomb's Sulu/Chekov fics, which I'm totally all over, once I get over the reflexive tic of "Hikaru no Go! Touya Akira!" whenever I read Chekov calling Sulu "Hikaru" ^^;;
2a. Trouble Sleeping (Sulu/Chekov, R)
Summary: Sulu and Chekov sleep in the same bed, but they're never in it at the same time.
How they got together in the end. Sulu PINING. V. sweet <3

2b. Space Sickness (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Chekov is sick, Sulu is lost on an alien planet, Kirk is a cockblock.
Established relationship. Sweet and h/c and atmospheric and just right *_*

2c. Theoretically (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Sulu makes Chekov watch the classic American Terminator movies. Chekov has some thoughts.
I wanna watch the new Terminator movie because Anton Yelchin's in it, but apparently it's even more awful than T3? ^^;;

2d. If I Didn't Care (Sulu/Chekov, NC-17)
Summary: Kirk and Chekov have a harrowing experience together on a dangerous planet, and Sulu is definitely not jealous.

If you only have time to read two, read the first two. If you only have time to read one, read "Space Sickness."

Sulu pining *_* Chekov seducing Sulu >=D

3. [personal profile] rageprufrock's new WIP: Discourses in Management (Lab), pt 1/? (PG-13, for language)
Summary: “How’s it going?” the instructor asks, her voice a harmony, hovering nearby. / "Futilely,” Spock volunteers at the same time Jim says, “Shitty.”

In other news, even though Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) is a cheap, loli-shota knock-off of Kaori Yuki's Count Cain, I did enjoy the Bengali Prince arc, because no manga is complete without SURPRIZE appearance of South Asian/Middle Eastern/teeny European Kingdom royalty.

Also, can't help but be amused by the American chef (An American chef in a British household? lololol).

Okay, I lie, my fav. character is still the Bengali prince's servant.

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"The Aftermath" (Merlin/Arthur drabble, PG-13 for violence)

May. 31st, 2009 | 06:14 pm

The Aftermath (implied Merlin/Arthur, PG-13 for gore & implied violence) )

Answers [ profile] merlin_flashfic's Nightmares and monsters challenge and [community profile] merlin100's dance prompt.

1. What Dreams by [ profile] suaine, PG
Summary: There was always a price. The balance of nature was transactional - one thing of a certain value required the sacrifice of equal value given up by the one who asked.
But Arthur never finished those thoughts, kept all of his heart locked up tight. Merlin knew what he was going to say anyway, knew of the way Arthur kept looking over his shoulder when he thought no one was watching. Arthur had nightmares, dreams of a world without him in it, all the more terrible for their warmth and muted beauty, hitting like a physical blow when he woke up.

2. [ profile] merlin_flashfic's AU challenge will run until 22.00BST on Saturday the 13 June.

3. In lieu of #2, please answer this poll on AU Merlin fics =)

[ LJ | IJ | DW ]

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[No spoilers. Just Spock] Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock Kirk Spock Spock Spock

May. 19th, 2009 | 01:33 pm
mood: Uhura =/= Anhora Uhura =/= Anhora

I have to admit that I only watched Star Trek because of:
1) Sylar with eyebrows! and,
2) I want to read [personal profile] ifyouweremine's pr0n

Like a gazillion other people have said, it was GLORIOUS.

I like every single character in that movie, and that _never_ happened to me before.
Yes, including the evil Romulan guy, who I found vaguely hot (which is understandable because he was played by Eric Bana, who played Hector in Troy).
I even like Spock's mother (didn't recognize Winona Ryder until her third appearance X-D)

[ profile] ruien shared ST canon tidbits with me, but I was all, "Uh-huh. Sylar with eyebrows! Spock Spock Spock!"
I should like BlondPratJerk!Kirk better, but I don't. It's the power ot the eyebrows!111

I want to cuddle ickle!Spock with his pretty eyes <333 Spock! Spock Spock Spock Spock Spock! Spock!
Ickle!Kirk was awesome too! And Kirk was as pretty as everyone said <333
Mind meld! Spock! Spock!
Kirk Senior was hot too! Alternate Reality! Spock!

I even love the canon het pairing =D =D =D

Hikaru Sulu! Gold power ranger! Fold-out sword! Fencing!
17 y.o. Chekhov OMGSoPrecious ^___^ "I can do it I can do it I can do it"

Eomer Karl Urban's stupid haircut makes me want to cry, but otherwise YAY Bones! Spock!

I'm going to watch it at IMAX later tonight =D =D =D
PSA: It's only playing in IMAX until this Thursday.

Bring on the fics where Kirk licks Spock's eyebrows MWAHAHAHAHA >=D

- Awesome mind-meld plotbunny
- Star Trek Reboot Drabble Challenge: Journey to Drabble -- 100 prompts =)
- [ profile] st_xi_kink's kink meme

Non-Star Trek related:
- movie ads in Canada run TEN MINUTES LONGER than movie ads in the U.S., which is already pretty darned long.
- Canadian males in ads all have the same closely-set-together-eyes and tall straight nose, just like American TV actors all have square jaws =P

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I just got two papercuts from opening junk mail.

May. 9th, 2009 | 06:31 pm
mood: =P =P

Oh the indignities.

This reminds me of this Smallville/Superman fanfic where Clark tried out being human (thanks to the A.I.) and felt Deeply Betrayed because papers aren't supposed to hurt you >=/

Which in turn reminds me of Yomiko Readman/"The Paper" from Read or Die, haha.

1. [ profile] skellerbvvt has updated Citrus with a loooong chapter two! *shortcircuits* \o/

2. [ profile] yue_ix's Dark!Merlin series:

2 a. No shades of grey: fingers (PG-13, kinkme_merlin prompt "Arthur/Merlin, Arthur sucking on Merlin's fingers")
2 b. No shades of grey: branches (Merlin, and an Irish Elk, my prompt "Merlin as a wild boy/man of the woods.")

3. Merlin S2 shooting:

- Is that Gwen? O_o This woman that [SPOILER] is hugging? Nvm. Can't believe I didn't realize it's Morgana.
- Pretty gleaming horses *_*

4. [ profile] why_me_why_not wrote an eclectic of drabbles/flopsies:

4 a. A is for Alien Overlord, Dean and Luna (HP)
4 b. P is also for Princeling, Edmund/Caspian (Narnia)

4 c. W is for Wardrobe Peter/Draco (Narnia/HP crossover)
4 d. G is for Godfather, Dresden/Marcone (Dresden)

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Merlin has a not-so-secret addiction to cute fridge magnets

May. 3rd, 2009 | 05:25 pm

The turtle moves. )

This was originally submitted as an answer to [ profile] armer_gayms' ModernDay!AU challenge. Check out [personal profile] roflolmaomg's submission, 'tis epic! Whereas [personal profile] ifyouweremine slays you with baby cuteness =P

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ETA 5:53 p.m. Good thing to know: when you click "edit tags," the edits aren't automatically x-posted. I have different tagging systems over at IJ/LJ, so yay!

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