Dear F-list, please rec me someone to follow

Jul. 20th, 2015 | 10:23 pm

Consider it this year's birthday present =D

Someone on LJ, DW...or even Tumblr*.

I haven't been present online for the last two years (more like three) =/, and I miss the human connection.
(I feel that Tumblr is even worse than Facebook** for human connection/ease of communication, but ugh. Needs must.)

I wish I'm still in Merlin fandom because they're just so sweet. And even nowadays I'd get random kudos for the few Merlin fic I put up on AO3.

Am not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore (still have one WiP though). I was reading a lot of Dean/Castiel*** there for awhile, then got sidetracked with some Steve/Bucky and Steve/Tony. asdDSnjdsgkjaskncmca this fic (WiP) is so epic and so tragic:
Born from the Earth by venusm
Tony Stark's born an omega in a world where that means he's supposed to follow certain social rules. He becomes Iron Man anyway: Fuck biology.
If only his biology (and the world) would quit fucking him back.

The worldbuilding is insane awe-inducing.

And also this time travel Steve/Tony fic: The Twice-Told Tale by arysteia.

And this Tony Stark fandvid: Oh No by lilly_the_kid
The song choice is just so appropriate for Tony ;_; <333

I kinda want to be in the Avengers fandom but feel intimidated because I haven't read any of the comics. (I find the X-men fandom even more intimidating for the same reason.)

* I can't bring myself to type it in lowercase >__>
** Not that I have a Facebook.

*** The first one that made me cry was Appoggiatura by ceeainthereforthat.
Castiel leaves the religious commune of Heaven Farms to study classical piano after winning a full scholarship paid for by the Deanna Campbell Memorial Foundation, and answers an ad in the campus newspaper: 1 bedroom to let. Meals provided. 50mb wifi, quiet odd music student preferred.

Anyway! Leave your birthday wishes here =) and rec me someone (or two, or three) to follow, please.

Either way, *hugs* I hope everyone's doing fine.

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Mutants: Second Generation "Playlist"

Feb. 16th, 2012 | 12:43 pm

Or, Things Quasi-related to Writing This Fic

(A tad spoilerific, so read the fic first if you would: DW | AO3 )

※ Thanks to [ profile] symetric, the fic isn't titled "(52 Days of) Arthur and Merlin" =P

♬ The titles of the parts, "Have no story to be told" and "Making a home down there," are from Adele's Rolling in the Deep, which is my ChErik anthem because of this fabulous, fabulous fanvid by [personal profile] arefadedaway. <--Totally worth the download!
(I played that fanvid so often my mom got interested in Adele. Bought her the album for Christmas.)

※ I wanted more screentime for Lancelot, but can't justify having him appear in Part Two.
※ I wish Gwen had interacted more with the other characters, but always thought it weird for X-M:FC's Moira to be so involved (esp. staying in the mansion during training).

♬ Book rec: Jim Grimsley's Comfort and Joy (1999). Gay fiction with a hemophiliac main character. AFAIK it's out of print, but your library might have it. It's atmospheric and ends with a happy/hopeful tone. Warning: allusions to childhood trauma/abuse.
Winter Birds (1997) is the prequel, which tells the story of Danny Crell's childhood. I didn't read WB because traumatic childhood = meep.

※ Pizza Guy is played by Caleb Landry Jones ;-)

[ profile] Closer's Pizza and a Movie (Suits, Harvey/Mike, AU PizzaDeliveryGuy!Mike, 30 K) was one of the fics I read when writing this story.
My fav. of her Suits fics so far is The New Deal (Gen, Harvey adopts teenage Mike as a brother, 33 K)

Gwaine's actor was an Abercrombie & Fitch model.

※ I didn't know "meet violent" isn't a term that cross fandoms until my beta [ profile] lovely_dusk goes "??"
Is there seriously no "meet violent" couples outside Smallville? (I suppose unless you have superhuman powers you'll die if you get hit by a car, but still.)

♬ But wait. There was that awesome ChErik fic with a "meet violent" beginning!
A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by [ profile] Etharei (Erik/Charles, AU sci-fi fairytale, 114 K)

※ I wanted to use Japanese archery principles/philosophy for Merlin's pep talk advice friendly instruction to Arthur, but ended up finding inspiration in yoga and Buddhism instead. At least it's not Yoda. Yeah don't think about it too hard.

※ "Mutants: Second Generation" is 200+ words longer than my longest Harry Potter fic. \o/ <--is easily pleased. (When I finish my m/m origific *knocks on wood*, it'll be three times as long.)

Camelot First Class characters and their Marvel parallel (if any)

★☆ Mutants Read more... )

☆★ Humans Read more... )

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I've been listening to Boys' Love drama CDs on YouTube and telling myself that

May. 9th, 2011 | 10:19 pm

I'm practicing my Japanese listening comprehension.

Random things from Boys' Love land:

1. Yoo Ha Jin's Totally Captivated -- the first BL manhwa that I actually like. I'm meh about the art because manhwa art = manhwa art and manga art = manga art, but I LOVE the storyline and the shamelessness of Ewon Jung >=D
Am sick of the typical in-denial uke =P
1 a. Don't miss the TC doujinshi: Totally Spying on Them

2 a. Speaking of doujinshi by the original mangaka/manhwaka(?), read Antique Bakery doujinshi if you haven't! (scroll down)
Antique Bakery manga = shoujo publisher, but the doujinshi = yaoi all the wayyy~

Poor Ono and his eternal one-sided love T_T
I support Tachibana/adult!Deko =P

2 b. I finally watched Antique, the Korean movie adaptation of Antique Bakery. If viewed as a movie it's kinda spastic, but think of it as a two-hour fanvid of Antique Bakery and you will LOVE IT. You can't ask for Moar Ghei. For srs.

The actors' feel & heights = perfect for their parts. My only complaint would be Eiji not being obnoxious-yet-endearing enough. They don't look tall in the movie because three of them are ridiculously tall (models-turned-actors), but when they stand up next to an average Korean guy they are TALL.

3. This Sex Pistols AMV: Years of Lies (WARNING: bare chests, non-sexual hair-pulling, will cause viewer to obsessively check for OVA 2's arrival)

3a. Why do I always prefer the side pairing in Boys' Love?
Yonekuni x Shiro > Kunimasa x Norio
Junjou Egoist > Junjou Terrorist > Junjou Romantica

4. I vastly prefer the manga + drama CD combo over plain Boys' Love anime.
It feels less cheesy and less embarassing. Anime portrayal of penetration is...idk. It has improved a lot over the years but it's still not there for me. Junjou Romantica anime = ♥ because less is more =P

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Things That Made [personal profile] lilian_cho (Almost) Cry: An Eclectic Rec list

Oct. 9th, 2010 | 10:53 pm

1. Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane
His beauty...oh gods, it was so unfair. The children were singing in the streets about a beast, but he was beautiful enough to eclipse the sun. How could a creature who walked like a man and spoke like a man and had the head and fur-covered body of a beast achieve beauty, whereas I, who was supposedly a man, could only wallow in my own beastliness? I glared at my mud spot again and tried not to let my throat grow thick with a boy's aching disappointment.

My short review and links )

1 a. Sorta related: K.A. Mitchell's Life, Over Easy Read more... )

2. Other novel and novella that I like by Amy Lane:
2 a. Keeping Promise Rock. Bad things keep on happening, interspersed with uplifting moments. I loved every second of the emotional torture journey.
2 b. If I Must, 66 pages. Sweet =)

3. Counterpoint: Dylan's Story by Ruth Sims
3 a. I immediately followed that up with The Phoenix.

Don't read two Ruth Sims in a row. I should've taken a few days' breather in between. (Fanfic angst is more bearable than origific angst, because I can immediately self-medicate with happy happy fluff funny fanfic.)

Counterpoint is more w00bie, The Phoenix is more hurt/comfort, but light on the comfort part.
Those who want warnings, ask me in the comments.

4. Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle.
I kept on biting my tongue so I didn't cry when reading this children's book (I was in the middle of a bookstore.) Nubs ;_;

5. Gwen-centric Merlin/Arthur/Gwen fanvid:
Make Something Good by [ profile] sweetestdrain

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Ye Olde Merlin Recs

Aug. 23rd, 2010 | 12:31 am

X-posting because I'm f-locking the LJ post. Originally posted on April 17, 2009.

Merlin fanvids:
1 a. Merlin - The Dance (LJ post) by [ profile] mamoru22
Merlin/Arthur vid to Maria Mena - I'm In Love

1 b. Untouched by [ profile] solanyxe
PG-13, 'Untouched' by The Veronicas, 00:02:55
Summary: Arthur and Merlin both feeling 'untouched'

Motivational posters by [ profile] andropovka:
2 a. Ventriloquism: "Ooh yes, Arthur you're so strong!"/ "Mmm, Merlin, I need you now!"
2 b. Sweet: Son, men do not give each other flowers.
2 c. Kingship: We built this city on rock and roll. And dead magic people.
2 d. Unwise: When dealing with an aerial foe, get into a target-shaped-formation
2 e. Arthur fanboy: the lights are on but there is no one home. Mmm muscles...

3. [ profile] otempora42's Ep. 1x05 picspam: I love how everyone just stands around while Arthur does all the fighting. Makes you wonder why it's so important to be of noble birth when you're just going to be Arthur's cheerleader.

[personal profile] seperis' listfics:
4 a. Three things that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually.
4 b. Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill
4 c. Five ways Arthur almost found out about Merlin, but didn't.

5. Awesome personification of emotion as laid out in 1 Corinthians 13:
Of Anger and Love by Ras Elased
Summary: Anger is a false thing. It is never alone. Anger lies like a harlot with a multitude of other emotions, shrouding them in her bed linens to hide them from sight...Love, when it is true, is always alone.

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