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Feb. 22nd, 2014 | 12:14 am

My Harry Potter stuff is here.

Note: Please don't steal Arthur's crown & Merlin's hat. Google your own hats ;-)

I've uploaded some (not all) of my Merlin stuff on AO3.

As of February 22, 2014, my current Merlin favorites are:
:♥: "Mutants: Second Generation," gen, Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, PG-13, BBC Merlin/X-Men: First Class fusion.
:♥: "Unlucky (Five, Six, Seven Eight Nine Ten I Love You)," Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Leon, R, remix.
:♥: The Cupbearer drabble series, Merlin/Arthur half-brother AU, PG-13 for incest. [info - personal] cupbearer
:♥: "Cupid Undone," Merlin/Arthur sibling AU, PG-13 for incest.

Single-chapter WIPs won't be listed here.

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Five Moments in the Life of Arthur Pendragon,

Feb. 9th, 2014 | 01:13 am

St. Albion Student and Sleep-deprived Boyfriend of Merlin

Summary: University AU. The lives and times of Arthur and Merlin at St. Albion.
Rating: PG-13
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur/Merlin, mentioned Lancelot/Gwen and Gwaine/everyone
Warning: Reverse chronology.
Notes: Written for [ profile] agenttrojie's prompt: "They'd stay in bed, but they've got lectures to attend."

I'm finally posting this because I want to sign up for this year's [personal profile] camelotremix. Please do tell me if you notice any errors, SpaG and otherwise. (The two people I lined up ages ago to beta/Britpick this thing fell through, and then I gave up ^^;;) This could've been tighter/more concise.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction – none of this ever happened. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work.

Five Moments in the Life of Arthur Pendragon, St. Albion Student and Sleep-deprived Boyfriend of Merlin )

( Read it @ AO3 )

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Uncharted Territory (one-sided Arthur/Merlin, Merlin/Freya, PG, 100 words)

Sep. 14th, 2010 | 09:02 pm

Arthur often ribbed Merlin about Professor Nimueh or his flatmate Gwen, but this was uncharted territory.

Merlin had blown him off two Fridays in a row to help Freya; there seemed to be a new academic crisis whenever Merlin was supposed to be spending time with his best friend.

Arthur sat alone in a cafe and stared at his mobile.

"I'm sorry!" Merlin materialized in front of him, breathless. "I was leaving on time, but Freya—"

"Did you sleep with her?" Arthur blurted out.

"Wh-whatever gave you that idea?"

As the blush rose on Merlin's face, Arthur's heart sank.

A/N: Answers [ profile] prompt_in_a_box prompt: "Did you sleep with her?" and [community profile] merlin100's Change prompt.
Tried to come up with an optional epilogue/sequel, but no inspiration yet. Feel free to throw ideas at me or write your own optional epilogue/sequel.

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"The Tome of Magical Delights" (Merlin/Arthur, R)

Aug. 20th, 2010 | 02:15 pm

Fandom: BBC Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/sexy dreams of Arthur
Rating: soft R
Beta: [ profile] symetric; Britpicked by [ profile] vivitchi
Word count: 730~ words
Notes: Written for [ profile] summerpornathon's kindness challenge; posted anonymously at [ profile] kinkme_merlin here to (sort of) fulfill the first half of this prompt: Arthur/Merlin, magic book. Merlin finds a sort of magic book that turns him on and makes him come in the best kind of ways whenever he fondles it.
Disclaimer: This permutation of Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, Geoffrey, etc. are created and owned by BBC. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

The Tome of Magical Delights )

* )
** )
*** )
**** )

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A Prince's Flavour (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13 for innuendo, 100 words)

Aug. 13th, 2010 | 04:05 pm

"Merlin! Come here and explain this!"

"Yes, Arthur?"

Arthur waved at his laptop screen. "What's this—this pornographic poem you've posted for all the world to see?"

"Technically I mailed the postcard, and the site owner put it up. Wow, he actually picked my postcard." Merlin beamed.

"Never mind that!" Arthur said, impatient. "Who gave you permission to write porn about the Prince of Wales?"

"Why would you think it's about you?" Merlin asked, smiling coyly. "That's a Prince Albert apple."

Arthur snorted. "A prince's flavour. Real subtle, Merlin."

Merlin's Post Secret )

A/N: Written for [ profile] merlin_flashfic's Post Secret challenge. Once upon a time, [ profile] benebu misread my drabble "A Prince's Favour" (The Rights of Possession Remix) as "A Prince's Flavour."
I'd prettify the Post Secret except I've spent too much time on it already T_T My Photoshop skills are sadly lacking.

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King’s Ward Is a Vampyr; Prince’s Manservant Was Sucked Dry!

Aug. 10th, 2010 | 06:58 pm

(Or, Everything is Not As It Seems)

BBC Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur-bodyswapped-with-Morgana <-- Highlight for spoilers
Rating: R
Betas: first draft by [personal profile] sequinedfairy, final draft by [ profile] symetric; audienced by [ profile] vivitchi
Word count: 888 words
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] summerpornathon's Temperance challenge Option #2: Bodyswap. <-- Highlight for spoilers
There's at least 2/3-of-a-sentence in here that belongs to [ profile] symetric. Thank you, dear <3
Disclaimer: This permutation of Arthurian characters is created and owned by BBC. No money is being made, and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

King’s Ward Is a Vampyr; Prince’s Manservant Was Sucked Dry! )

* )
** )
*** )
**** )

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The Cupbearer drabble series (Merlin/Arthur half-brother AU, PG-13 for incest)

Jul. 22nd, 2010 | 02:40 am

Finally got around to pimping this series on DW and IJ =)

I'll keep you guys updated every time I write two or more new drabbles in this 'verse. So far the series consists of nine drabbles and two crack drabbles.

You can read them on DW ([personal profile] cupbearer) or on LJ. New readers, please do tell me what you think!
"The King's Bastard" (Uther AU gen, PG-13, 100 words)
"The Anniversary" (Uther & Merlin AU, PG, 100 words)
"The Cupbearer" (Merlin & Arthur AU, PG, 100 words)
"Shared Breath" (Merlin/Arthur pre-slash AU, PG-13, 100 words)
"Stranger" (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG-13, 100 words)
"Lovers" (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG-13, 100 words)
"A Constant Strain" (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG-13, 100 words)
"The Mask" (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG, 100 words)
"Forever" (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG-13, 100 words)

"The Half-Brother Plan" (cameos from Aziraphale & Crowley, PG, 100 words)
"Not an orphanage" (Uther, Arthur, Morgana AU, PG, 100 words)

[ DW | IJ ]

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For the Thirty-first Time (Will, Merlin, Gaius, implied Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, 100 words)

Jul. 17th, 2010 | 04:28 pm

Merlin seriously regretted telling Will that today was his and Arthur’s one-month anniversary.

“Like a virgin, touched for the thirty-first time.”

“Shut it!” Merlin hissed.

“Like a viiiiirgin,” Will warbled.

Merlin usually plied Will with drinks until his friend belt out Madonna songs during karaoke nights. But this was not acceptable.

“Mr Matthews, unless you’re singing about atomic attraction, stop that incessant noise at once.

Will shut up real quick.

“Sorry Professor Gaius,” Merlin mumbled.

“Thirty-one times, Mr Emrys?” The professor’s eyebrow reached unprecedented heights. “Even for someone your age, surely daily anal sex is inadvisable.”

Will is so dead.

Answers [community profile] writing_game's Quit prompt and [ profile] 31_days' prompt: Like a virgin touched for the thirty-first time.

A/N: "atomic attraction" suggested by [ profile] rea_saint as being geeky. I also considered "molecular bonds," but I can't ignore how Atomic Attraction sounds like a girl band X-D
Also, what's Will's usual surname in modern day AUs? I think I saw "Will Matthews" once, but I'm not sure...

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Sunday Taste (Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, 100 words)

Jul. 4th, 2010 | 02:24 pm

Sunday tradition dictates Merlin showing up at nine bearing breakfast, just in time to greet Arthur from his morning run.

“Donuts again, Merlin? It’s a miracle your eyes haven’t turned brown.”

Arthur secretly loves Merlin’s Sunday offerings. In the past two years, they never repeated even once.

Merlin grinned. “It’s raspberry glaze this week. The owner swears it’s his best yet.”

He took a big bite and chewed. “Aren’t you having any? They’re really good.” He licked glaze off of his fingertips.

Leaning forward, Arthur licked the corner of Merlin’s mouth.

“You’re right,” Arthur smiled. “It’s the best I’ve tasted.”

Answers [ profile] 31_days prompt: "Donuts make my brown eyes blue" and [ profile] awdt prompt: "That's the best we've tasted, so far."

A/N: In my head Merlin and Arthur are friends, and this is Arthur's first move. But you may read it however you wish, of course ;-)

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(Merlin/Arthur haiku, PG-13, implied erotic asphyxiation)

Red scarf on white neck:
Arthur counts ten fingerprints
hidden from their eyes.

Answers [ profile] summerpornathon's poetry challenge. So what if it's not pr0ny >_>

A/N: Japanese title: kimi ga inakerya ikimo dekinai (I can't even breathe without you) from a boys' love manga. Because I obv. read too much BL.

Lemme know if I should put those three lines above under an LJ-cut.

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A Less-Than-Mystical Evening (Merlin/Arthur, PG, 100 words)

Jun. 29th, 2010 | 09:48 pm

"When you said 'a mystical evening on the beach,' this was not what I expected."

Arthur toed the scarf-sized blanket.

"But Arthur—"

"No buts!" Arthur pointed his finger at his boyfriend. "I'm missing football on telly for this; there should at least be a bottle of wine."

"We can cuddle for warmth?" Merlin suggested hopefully.

"As skinny as your arse is, Merlin, I don't think both of us can fit onto that handkerchief you call a blanket."

Merlin sighed. The blanket promptly transformed into a familiar beaten red couch.


Pulling Merlin close to his side, Arthur smiled. "Much."

Answers [community profile] merlin100's mystical prompt & [ profile] writing_game's diss prompt

A/N: OHAI I'm writing Merlin again \o/

How've you been this past *cough* half a year, F-list?

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In the Middle (Arthur/Merlin/Lancelot, shades of OT5, PG-13, 150 words)

Dec. 11th, 2009 | 12:50 pm

It’s not that Merlin hates being in the middle. Arthur’s bed is big enough for three grown men, especially if one is as skinny as Merlin. It’s just that the king and the first knight always gravitate to the middle, effectively quashing him.

Lancelot would tuck his head into Merlin’s neck, one of his legs trapping Merlin’s. The man is so selfless that Merlin doesn’t have the heart to shove him off, even if his flyaway hair tickles.

Arthur would toss and turn, kicking the blanket off no matter how cool the night air is. Then, lying on top of the covers, he would turn on his side and half-lie across Merlin.

Some nights, Merlin would gently extricate himself and slip quietly next door. Gwen always scoots over to make space for him in Morgana’s bed. Most nights, however, he would lie overheated under his lovers’ embrace, awake and content.

ETA 5/25/10: The Russian translation by [ profile] nataliny1 is here.

A/N: Cut it down to 150 words. Go me!

In my fanon, Gwen and Morgana keep an extra nightgown* for the nights when Merlin drop by. It's important that they match~ after all.
Also, Santiago Lancelot grows his luscious locks out thanks to Merlin's Pout of Magnitude. The HEA end.

* Part 1 starts here

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A Prince's Favour (The Rights of Possession Remix) [implied Arthur/Merlin & Uther/Merlin, PG-13]

Jul. 5th, 2009 | 08:17 am

“A prince’s favour is a precious commodity,” his father once told him before taking his favourite horse away.

Arthur had taken the lesson to heart, doling out equal camaraderie to noblemen’s sons and equal flattery to their daughters.

Except he had slipped horribly—over Merlin, of all people—and it was no use to protest that he’s mine or you gave him to me, because he had not forgotten that Apple was a present when he turned seven.

His father had no rights on his manservant (his friend, his favourite), and still he left marks of possession on Merlin’s skin.

Companion drabble/remix of [personal profile] sophinisba's "Keep Your Head Down" for [ profile] remixthedrabble.
Audienced by [personal profile] snakeling.

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The Headmaster's Son (Merlin/Arthur AU, PG-13, 100 words)

Jun. 21st, 2009 | 12:17 am

Of all the barely legal men out there, why did he fixate on the headmaster’s son?

Arthur was a good student who didn’t give the staff any trouble. Except for his Literature teacher.

On Tuesdays, Merlin always wore long jackets, because Arthur would be right there with his pouty lips and pen-biting.

Today, Arthur had stayed behind and ambushed Merlin with a kiss. Of course, the headmaster just happened to wander by.

Lifting guilty hands from Arthur’s shoulders—to push him away, not clutch him closer—Merlin contemplated throwing himself out the midget-sized window.

What is the meaning of this?”

Answers [ profile] merlin_flashfic's Alternate Universe challenge.
Audienced by [personal profile] oconel.
[personal profile] ayes_sid gave me the prompt: Merlin/Arthur, Uther finds out and there's no way out for Merlin. She didn’t say I can’t write a ModernDay!AU, so =P

In other news, people should go check out [ profile] cliche_bingo, a multi-fandom challenge (no deadline, min. 500 words for fic, you can do recs/fanarts/icons instead, etc.) Will make a proper pimping post later, although they really don't need it.

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"The Aftermath" (Merlin/Arthur drabble, PG-13 for violence)

May. 31st, 2009 | 06:14 pm

The Aftermath (implied Merlin/Arthur, PG-13 for gore & implied violence) )

Answers [ profile] merlin_flashfic's Nightmares and monsters challenge and [community profile] merlin100's dance prompt.

1. What Dreams by [ profile] suaine, PG
Summary: There was always a price. The balance of nature was transactional - one thing of a certain value required the sacrifice of equal value given up by the one who asked.
But Arthur never finished those thoughts, kept all of his heart locked up tight. Merlin knew what he was going to say anyway, knew of the way Arthur kept looking over his shoulder when he thought no one was watching. Arthur had nightmares, dreams of a world without him in it, all the more terrible for their warmth and muted beauty, hitting like a physical blow when he woke up.

2. [ profile] merlin_flashfic's AU challenge will run until 22.00BST on Saturday the 13 June.

3. In lieu of #2, please answer this poll on AU Merlin fics =)

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"First Time" & "Extracurricular Service" (Merlin/Arthur drabbles, PG-13)

May. 22nd, 2009 | 05:24 pm

First Time (Merlin/Arthur drabble, PG-13)

The first time Merlin kissed Arthur, they were standing on an ocean of grass.

Merlin trembled a little, and the kiss remained chaste until Arthur pulled at his stupid scarf—trust Merlin to be wearing a scarf on a glorious summer day—and plundered Merlin's lips.

The grass was heavy with dew, and later Arthur would find mud dotting the back of his jeans. But right this moment he could only listen to the tiny sounds Merlin made at the back of his throat.

The first time Arthur kissed Merlin, just two nights ago, he had thought Merlin was asleep.


Answers [ profile] merlin100's Ocean prompt and [community profile] writing_game's Scarf, Kiss prompt

*** )
Extracurricular Service (implied Merlin/Arthur, PG-13 for suggestiveness)

"Well, this is awkward," Merlin said from his kneeling position on the floor.

Gwen let out a helpless giggle behind her hand. Lancelot, ever the gentlemanly knight, kept his eyes on Merlin's face. He was favoring his left ankle, Merlin noted. A sprain from training exercises, perhaps.

Arthur, red-faced and flustered, pulled on his long red tunic. "You're giving them the wrong idea!"

"Right, of course," Merlin said distractedly. "I wasn't performing any...extracurricular service. I was merely giving the king a physical examination."

"Oh, is that what they're calling it these days?" Gwen said with a smirk worthy of Morgana.


Answers [ profile] merlin100's Awkward prompt and [community profile] writing_game's Kneel prompt.

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Cupid Undone (Merlin/Arthur drabble, PG-13 for incest)

May. 15th, 2009 | 11:25 pm

Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation, one time they get re-born as brothers. )

A/N: Answers [ profile] kinkme_merlin's prompt: Arthur/Merlin, reincarnation, one time they get re-born as brothers.
Also answers [community profile] writing_game Cupid Undone prompt and [ profile] merlin100's Awkward prompt.

If someone wants to make this long and pr0ny, be my guest. *beams*

One of these days I'll write canon incest. And by that I mean Arthur/Morgana, not Uther/Arthur =P Although Igraine/Tristan has potentials.

ETA: [personal profile] derryere wrote an awesome EPIC based on this teeny drabble:
at least it would seem that we don't | M/A AU | NC17 | ~15,8K

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"Boys' Night Out" (Merlin/Arthur flashfic, PG-13)

May. 13th, 2009 | 05:28 pm

In which Arthur stole Merlin's food, watched his DVD, took him out to a boring party and manoeuvred him to bed (to sleep).

★ All-in-one beta & Britpicker: [personal profile] lilithilien
☆ The first version won third place at [ profile] armer_gayms' Bro Code challenge.

☆ 555 words. Or 731. It's all relative.
★ Borrowed the varying flashfic length from [ profile] b_hallward's Increments (Merlin/Arthur)--am not the genius that came up with it. The 5, 10, 20, ..., 100 words structure fits what I have in mind, didn't mean to steal ^^;;

In which Arthur stole Merlin's food, watched his DVD, took him out to a boring party and manoeuvred him to bed (to sleep). )

<-- Merlin's pyjamas Arthur's Arsenal shirt. Please credit if taking, etc.

Rambling A/N of sorts:
There's a funny story about this fic. Read more... )

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