My feelings about MCU Steve/Sharon

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May. 13th, 2016 | 11:55 pm

Steve: Stop setting me up with my cute neighbor, Natasha! Gosh!

Sharon: I am pretending to flirt with you so I can warn you about an unauthorized visitor in your apartment!

Steve: Yeah, hi.

Sharon: I am a SHIELD agent sent to spy on you!

Steve: *deadpans* Neighbor.

Sharon: In conclusion, I am actually rELATED to your dead first love.

Steve: What is this feeling so strange inside?

That could've been developed better. #understatement

Steve was totally eh about her in CAWS, and the moment he found out she's related to Peggy he's suddenly interested? There were too many things happening in CACW bleh.

Also did they really have to kill Peggy off first? I get that they want to underscore how Bucky is the only thing left from Steve's past life etc. And they did convey Steve’s grief, good job Chris Evans. But then suddenly? At the funeral?? Ugh. It’s like he’s nonchalantly swapping one Carter for another.

And on top of all this, Agent Carter is canceled.

On an unrelated, happy note, In the Flesh is now available on Hulu. What's with all these cute zombie series lately?

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