Five Favorite Dean/Castiel Fics

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Jul. 25th, 2016 | 05:28 am

(out of the ~150 I've read)

Appoggiatura by ceeainthereforthat (121~ K words, College AU)
Castiel leaves the religious commune of Heaven Farms to study classical piano after winning a full scholarship paid for by the Deanna Campbell Memorial Foundation, and answers an ad in the campus newspaper: 1 bedroom to let. Meals provided. 50mb wifi, quiet odd music student preferred.

Or, that beautiful epic music students AU that made me cry. (It does have a happy ending!) Heaven Farms isn't "religious" per se, so Castiel did not have any self-flagellation re: his feelings for Dean.

You can enjoy this fic even with zero SPN knowledge; I did. I liked Zachariah in this fic because I had zero knowledge of canon!Zachariah.
"You are cooking tomatoes," Castiel said. "Did I interrupt your canning?" He said it like it was a perfectly ordinary thing to do.

"Kind of," Dean said. "I haven't gotten anything in cans yet."

He'd told this guy he canned tomatoes. What on Earth. Castiel, with his slightly just out of time clothes, looked at what he could see of the rooms and the staircase leading straight up just before the door.

"This house has love in its walls," Castiel said. "It's a very good house."

Close Encounters by Annie D (9K words)
It's the same old story: boy meets space alien, boy sleeps with space alien, boy's brother is mortified.
For as long as Sam Winchester can remember, he has believed that humankind cannot be alone in the universe. He has spent many a childhood night sitting outside, on a porch or grass or hood of his father's car, looking up at the stars and letting the feeling wash over him: the certainty that the universe is too big, too much, for Earth to be its only anomaly. Young Sam was determined to grow up, learn everything people knew on the subject, and then learn everything people had yet to know on the subject.

Sam Winchester believes.

Dean Winchester thinks Sam Winchester is a moron.

Naturally, when an extraterrestrial finally sets foot on Earth, it's Dean who makes first contact.

Control by Fayjay (~11K words, Castiel/Dean Smith ep AU, feat. canon Castiel & forgot-who-he-is Dean)
That Sandover episode AU where secretary!Castiel is unwittingly Dean's perfect sub, all wrapped up in a bow.
“Do you have it?” he asks at last. Castiel produces the little tub obediently, and Dean draws in a breath. “Put it on, Mr Castle,” he says, watching. Castiel gets the impression that Dean is waiting for him to object, which strikes him as distinctly odd – this is a much less onerous task than rooting through garbage cans for a scrumpled up piece of paper. He removes the lid and applies the substance carefully to his mouth, rubbing his lips together and cocking his head slightly as he concentrates on the greasy sensation. It is distinctly odd. When he looks up, he is surprised to see that Dean is trembling.

“Is that better, Mr Smith?” he asks, curiously.

Dean licks his lips. “You just accept it all, whatever I tell you to do. However ridiculous, or inappropriate, or - you just accept it. You just obey it all, blindly. Isn't there anything you'll balk at?” Dean asks, instead of answering the question, and his voice is very hoarse now. “Don't you have any lines in the sand?”

Down the End of the Road by Cheesewithmy (22~ K words)
(Sadly the author is no longer in fandom.)

Ghosts and nightmares have dogged Dean his whole life, flashes of a life he never led, where his mother died on the ceiling and his brother had freaky mind powers. He’d never held out much hope for figuring them out, until now.
Dean had thought the nightmares couldn't get any worse, but they do. [...] The first night he wants to die, wants to die so badly, even in the grip of the nightmare. It's a rare, sweet mercy that he wakes up in the middle of the night. Dean blinks into the darkness of his room, the only light of the bedside clock, catching movement and a shape out of the corner of his eye.

He is half asleep, mind fuzzy around the edges, afraid and sick but oddly comforted, and the smile comes naturally, automatically to him when he shifts up onto his elbow, grunting, “Cas, man, something up?” The man freezes, Dean hears a sharp inhale in the stillness of the room. Dean can’t help feeling glad to see him, but at the same time there’s something sharp and jagged crawling up his spine, betrayal and fear and anger. Dean finds that his fingers have, without any conscious direction, gripped the knife under his pillow. He says, “Cas?” voice harder this time, and Cas jerks forward.

Equinox by Luchia (12K words)
In which Castiel is the weird time-traveling freak who just might be the love of Dean Winchester's life.
Dean is starting to kind of hate the creature. “Okay, how much later?”

“Sixteen years,” he states, and keeps looking around like he’s expecting something to happen. “When do you expect to be fully-grown?”

He shakes his head. “If I thought you were human, I’d be really creeped out right now.” When the guy just tilts his head to the side, genuinely interested but confused eyes meeting Dean’s, he clears his throat. “There’s legal stuff about at what age you can have sex. People asking questions like that are usually people to avoid.”

The guy nods, and looks like he’s honest-to-God filtering the information through his brain, applying new protocols and whatever like in Terminator. For all Dean knows, the guy actually is a robot, which might be a good thing since robots die when you melt them and a lot of the things that go bump in the night take more effort than shoving them in random factory equipment.

This was going to be "Six SPN Favorites," but I misplaced (accidentally deleted?) the sixth fic. It's been more than a year since I read SPN, so I have zero recollection what said sixth fic was. Whoops .__.

Have a bonus series rec instead: BunnyMacCool's Holy!Dean series, starting with:

Are You There, Dean Winchester? It's Me ... God. (~33K words)
Dean Winchester has grown used to God dicking around in his life the last couple years. But this crap? This takes the CAKE ... or pie, rather. Now he's been thrown a whole new curve-ball. [...] All that mixed with the chance to fix it all and set everything to rights ... but only if Dean is willing to sacrifice himself. Again. Seriously, if he ever meets that bastard God he's gonna- ... oh hey, Chuck! What are you doing here?

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