Dear [personal profile] camelotremix Remixer,

Feb. 22nd, 2014 | 01:44 am
From:: lilian_cho

This is my second time participating in [personal profile] camelotremix. I hope we'll both have fun! =D

My Merlin fic were written during S1-S3. Don't feel constrained by my interpretation of canon, and don't worry about incorporating S3-S5 canon.

Feel free to canon-ize my AU fics* (I wrote lots of AU!). If you want to reincarnate everyone, or revisit the S1 golden age of Arthur/Merlin/Gwen/Morgana OT4, be my guest!

I love slash and gen, and also read the occasional het and femmeslash. As long as it's not Uther/Arthur or Merlin/Gaius, pretty much anything goes.

If you want to make a slashfic gen or a genfic slash, go ahead. I don't mind Arthur/Gwen, although I do prefer Lancelot/Gwen (and Merlin/Morgana) for my hetship. I also like Arthur/Merlin/[insert anyone except Uther or Gaius].

All the best,

[personal profile] lilian_cho

* Although I guess it'd be pretty impossible to canon-ize Mutants: Second Generation. Reincarnation? X-D

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