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Jan. 15th, 2014 | 09:56 pm

(Or, Is Tumblr changing fandom etiquette?)

In my experience, it’s common fandom etiquette to link* to, or at least _mention_, the prompt/outline/snippet/etc. that inspired your fic.

I came across this Teen Wolf WIP on AO3 that clearly borrowed its premise from a Tumblr fic. Several phrases and important plot points are 95% the same. Zero mention of the fic being inspired by/‘borrowing’ from anything.

Leaving it alone for now. If I ever come across that fic again I’m reporting** it.

* Tumblr links are prone to break (username change), but you should still make an attempt (>_>)
** Plagiarism is a violation of the AO3's ToS.

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